The Ultimate Hamptons Style Home - Bronte House - Interior Design by Denai Kulcsar

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Denai Kulcsar has a design philosophy centred around the bringing together of luxury and comfort. Denai has been cultivating stunning-yet-liveable interiors for almost 20 years, and she heads up her namesake design firm, Denai Kulcsar Interiors.

All of Denai’s work evokes a sense of relaxation and tranquility, while still maintaining impeccable attention to detail.

Denai recently completed a stunning project, Bronte House, near Bronte Beach in Sydney. The inspiration was originally centered around the American Hamptons aesthetic and while coastal charm was the focus, elegance was a consideration for the owners of Bronte House



1. What was your design inspiration for Bronte House?

The house was an original beach bungalow near Bronte Beach (in Sydney) so the American Hamptons and bungalow style homes were my initial inspiration and then the home just evolved as we went along.

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2. Did the owner have a specific design aesthetic that they wanted to achieve?

The client wanted to have the Hamptons feel with blues, greys and whites but at the same time wanted parts of the house to feel elegant as well.

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3. What was the most challenging part of the process?

Like all builds timing and co-ordinating a number of suppliers/contractors is always a challenge. The fireplace design was a little difficult with position and space we had available however we were happy with our end result.



The result is a stunning coastal abode, with vibrant yet refined colours and a combination of rich textures. We had the opportunity to speak with Denai about the project and how it fell into place for a breathtaking result.  



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