Spend some time with Australian Interior designer Sarah Comerford of HOME BY BELLE

For Sarah Comerford, the founder and CEO of Sydney-based interior design firm Home by Belle, inspiration came as she was working to flip homes with her husband. After doing this more than a dozen homes, Sarah realized her true passion for design and renovation.

That led to the creation of her successful and award-winning design and project management firm Home By Belle.  Read on to hear what Sarahs inspiration and passion is.  See some of the beautiful photos from her Hamptons style projects.  


 Pymble project

 Pymble project 

Located in the Sydney's Willoughby design district, Sarah and her team take inspiration from nature and create beautiful spaces that suit the needs of the people who will call them home. 

We had the opportunity to talk to Sarah about not only her work but what inspires her on a personal level.   

Belllevue Hill Project


When did you first decide to become an interior designer and how did you get started with your design business?

I started out in this business as a renovator flipping 16 homes with my husband. It was through my passion for great design and renovation and how they combined, that put me on a path to start my own business in 2013 to take on client work hence the start of HBB


What is the most challenging part of your job?

Ensuring the form and function and practicality of a space can be matched with beautiful aesthetics


 Wahroonga Project


Dural Project


Is there an interior design style you favour, and do you have your own design aesthetic?

I love the style modern Eclectic. A bold design that truly matches my lifestyle and personality. I love the balance of contrast between texture, colour and finishes


 Wahroonga Project


Who are other interior designers you admire?

Husband and wife team Robert and Cortney Novogratz (American designers)

'The Berkshires Hours' Robert and Cortney Novogratz


And Stephanie Coutas (French designer)

'Trocadero'  Paris By Stephanie Coutas


What inspires you?

When amazing architecture blends with nature. Bringing the beautiful outdoors inside for a family to experience.


   Dural Project


What do you think is the essential piece of furniture we should all have in our bedroom?

A gorgeous mirror to ensure you are keeping up appearances!



 Left photo - Bellevue Hill Project, Right photo -  Wahroonga Project


What key element do we all need for a chic living room?

Blending textures and tones to frame a glamorous space. A beautiful designer rug is always the way to go!


Do you have a favourite project or story behind a project?

It is hard to choose but I would say that a current project I am working on would be the one. It is the second time I have worked with this client, and this time around I have the privilege of being able to help her bring her dream Hampton’s home to life through an all-encompassing redo to the house, pool, and landscaping.

It is our grandest project to date! We previously transformed their kitchen into a exquisite all white Hamptons style and now we have returned to not only revamp the rest of the home but to transform their backyard into a garden oasis.


 Dural Project

Dural Project 


Dural Project

Let's Get Personal ..........

What else are you passionate about besides your work?

Aside from all things design related I am passionate about dining out at amazing restaurants and ensuring I make good memories with my children. We’ve travelled many places so that my family can experience different cultures and lifestyles. 

What is your most treasured belonging?

My engagement ring

What's one thing people may not know about you? 

I am really indecisive especially when it comes to picking from a menu

In 10 years I'd like to be ....

Semi-retired, travelling the world

What can't you live without?

My husband. We have been together 21 years and counting!

Anyone who works with Sarah and the entire Home by Belle team is lucky because the result is a home that changes how they live, but the experience to get there is stress-free and seamless for them along the way. 



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