12 Swoonworthy Hamptons Houses You Will Love!

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Here at Lavender Hill Interiors, we talk a lot about the interior design considerations to achieve a Hamptons-inspired design style but what about the exterior?

So much of a home is based on the exterior design style. Since the Hamptons are located on Long Island, the interior design style often pays homage to the surrounding natural beauty of the area. There is a focus on a sense of classic, timeless design style and much like the interiors, natural elements are also heavily used.

Exterior Colour Palettes

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Regarding exterior colour palettes, there are a few options that tend to be prevalently used in Hamptons homes exteriors. White is always one of the popular colours, and that works well because it allows for the architectural details of the home to be showcased front and centre.

White is also crisp and can pair well with pops of colour from the shutters or roof of the home. The natural elements that surround the home are showcased with a white house as well. Even if the exterior colour isn’t entirely white, shades of beige and sand are beautiful, and particularly when surrounded by greenery, expansive lawns or the water.

If you prefer a colour other than white or shades of beige, soft greys are also classic Hamptons colours.

Weather Board or Shingled Exteriors

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Another option are weather board or shingled exteriors which work well to invoke natural textures and classic coastal beauty. In both Australia and the coastal environment of the Hamptons, cladding can work well in terms of the elements and is durable.


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Blurring the Lines Betweeen Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Of course, the Hamptons lifestyle is about appreciating natural beauty, celebrating it and enjoying it as much as possible. With that in mind, Hamptons homes often have blurred lines between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Windows are expansive, there are often glass doors, with little distinction to be found between the homes’ inside and out.


Hampton's Homes are Inviting as well as Elegant

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Finally, Hamptons homes are about warmth. They should feel like real people live in them, and they should be inviting but in an elegant, understated way.

This should start at the entrance. You’ll often find that if there are brighter colours used on the exterior of Hamptons homes, it’s on the front door. There are also sconce-style exterior lights that often frame the entry way, as well as manicured greenery. It all instantly invites you in and offers a sense of hospitality.

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The allure of Hamptons-style exteriors is undeniable, captivating homeowners and visitors alike with its timeless charm and coastal elegance.

This iconic design aesthetic seamlessly blends relaxed sophistication with coastal flair, creating a haven of tranquility and luxury. With its weathered shingles, weatherboard, crisp white trim, and spacious porches, the Hamptons home style exterior encapsulates the essence of summer living year-round.


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