22 Stunning Hamptons Kitchens You Will Love!

Creating a Classic Hamptons Kitchen

The Hamptons interior design style is about refined elegance, and also a sense of comfort, function, and livability. The kitchen is often a key gathering place in a home, so it makes sense that you would want it to capture all of these elements.

A Hamptons style kitchen should be a place where people feel comfortable gathering, entertaining, cooking, and relaxing.

In general, the following are some things to keep in mind:

  • Colour palettes tend to be in line with what you see in other rooms of a home with Hamptons-design style. White, ivory, and neutral  are all colours that are often a central part of the design style. Accent colours might include shades of blue ranging from navy to duck egg blue or gray tones.
  • Natural materials including wood plank floors and marble countertops are important.
  • Along with natural materials, allowing natural light to flood in and create a bright, airy feel is important.

Some specific design elements to remember for a classically beautiful Hamptons kitchen include:

No 1 -  Cabinetry

With cabinetry, Shaker-style doors is always a good choice because it’s a clean style with simple lines and a sense of timelessness. If you want to integrate elements of French provincial design, you might opt for cabinetry with custom elements such as corbel details or turned legs. Most Hamptons cabinets are white, but you could also go for an alternative such as light blue or grey painted cabinets.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Jan Gleysteen Architects


Image via Mark D Sikes                                                           Image via Katie Rosenfeld

No 2 - Centre Island

A large island is often a focal point of Hamptons kitchens not only bring the eye to a central area, but they add additional space for entertaining and dining. Cabinetry under the island can bring additional storage, adding an element of functionality. Sometimes the island can be a way to integrate colour contrast—for example, if the perimeter cabinetry is white, the island cabinetry might be painted a colour like blue or black.

    Image via de Guilio Kitchens

    Image via Architectural Digest

    Image via Architectural Digest

    No 3- Architectural Elements

    Architectural elements you will often see in Hamptons kitchen include exposed beams, timber details along ceilings and pitched ceilings. If you’re in the initial planning stages of a Hamptons kitchen, these might be things you think about adding. 

    Image via Architectural Digest


                                                          Image via Architectural Digest                                                     Image via Tumblr                                       

    No 4- Flooring

    While you can go with lighter floors, sometimes having dark wood plank floors is a beautiful contrast to white cabinetry and white countertops.

    Image via Pinterest

    No 5- Backsplash

    If you want an interesting and distinctive design element, consider incorporating a pattern into your tile backsplash.


      Images via Pinterest

      No 6- Farmhouse Sink

      A large farmhouse sink is something that’s functional but also beautiful and enduring.

        Image via Mallory Mathisoninc


                                                 Image via Pinterest                                                              Image via de Vol Kitchens


        No 7- Bar Stools

        Barstools for a Hamptons kitchen might be a classic wood design a natural woven material to add texture. Upholstered barstools can also be lovely for sophistication. 

        Image via Sanctuary Home Decor

        Image via Style at Home

        No 8- Marble 

        Many Hamptons kitchens feature marble or marble look bench tops which gives them a stylish and luxe feel.

        Image via Traditional Home

        No 9- Pendant Lights

        Finally, to complete a Hamptons kitchen, consider pendant lights as one element of your overall lighting concept. Oversized lantern lights or glass pendants work especially well with the Hamptons design style.

        Image via Sanctuary Home Decor

        Image via CTC & G
        Image via Pinterest





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