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3 Interior Decorating Tips on how to use Blanket Boxes and Ottomans

Striped Linen with White Frame Bed Ottoman

If you’re still just using your ottoman, bench seat or blanket box as a footrest or for the end of your bed, you’re missing out on some practical and stylish interior decorating ideas in your home. Our expert decorators have compiled some of the best and most beautiful decorating tips using benches, ottomans, and blanket boxes to inspire you.

Furnish Your Walk-in Closet

Bed Ottoman Place a sleek upholstered bench or ottoman in your walk-in closet to lay out your clothes or to sit on while you are trying on your shoes.  What can you do for walk-in closets where space is an issue? A natural linen blanket box will serve as seating, extra storage, and a beautiful furniture piece. Opt for white or light colours for a classic look and understated luxury feel.

Blanket Box This is a perfect furniture piece for your walk in robefor your walk in robe.  It has the bonus of storage for handbags or rarely used pieces while aslo doubling as the perfect seating area.  Opt for light colours for a classic look and understated luxury feel.

Storage Ottoman What can you do for a walk in that is short of space?  Our Chic Storage ottomans a compact but stylish element to store and sit on is the perfect solution.  Opt for patterns for a big impact in your small space. or light colours for a  look and understated luxury feel.

Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Linen with White Frame Bed Ottoman

Replace Your Coffee Table and / or  Add Extra Seating

Hamptons style often features soft and rounded shapes. Ottomans, with their cushioned tops and absence of sharp corners, align well with the Hamptons aesthetic enhancing the flow of the living space. They can be used as a coffee table, or even a footrest. Storage Ottomans or Blanket Boxes can also be used for extra living room storage as well as extra seating.  This versatility is especially useful when you want your living space to be adaptable and multifunctional.

Bloom Linen Storage Ottoman

Striped Linen Storage Ottoman

Seating and Storage for Hallways and Entryways

Sometimes, you just need something to sit on in your entrance, under a window or simply on its own in a hallway. Use a plush bed ottoman – as an instant decorating makeover and something functional to sit on as you’re getting ready to go outside or for when you’re removing your shoes!  Alternatively, add storage ottomans to your decor by placing them under your console table.  This adds colour, interest as well as the bonus of versitile mobile seating and extra storage.  

Blue Hydrangea Linen Storage Ottoman

Lavender Hill interiors Customer photo Bed Ottoman

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In Conclusion

Ottomans and blanket boxes are versatile furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes in the living room and entrance area, including providing extra seating, storage, and aesthetic value. Their flexibility makes them a valuable addition to these spaces, helping to create a comfortable and organized environment.

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Natural Linen Blanket Box

Duck Egg Blue Linen Buttoned Ottoman

Bloom Linen Storage Ottoman Styled under 3 Drawer Oak Console Table


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