8 Perfect Round Hamptons Dining Table to Inspire You | Tips for Styling and Choosing the Right Round Table

Round Hamptons Dining Table from Lavender Hill

There is a sense of timelessness and ease of conversation that comes with a round dining table. The curvature of a round dining table feels elegant and classic and there can be no better choice than a chic Hamptons style table. 

The following are some tips to keep in mind as you’re selecting a round table, and also as you’re styling it in your space.

No 1. Compact Spaces

A round dining table can work well in terms of size and proportion if you have a small space to work with. For example, you may be selecting a table for a breakfast nook area, or perhaps you don’t have a very large dining room.

Round tables make an impact and serve a functional purpose, but they don’t take up the amount of space that a rectangular table is going to utilize. If you opt for a pedestal round table, you will be able to enjoy more seating and legroom than if you had a table with legs as well.

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No 2. Ease of Conversation

There’s a sense of intimacy and familiarity that can come with conversing around a round dining table. It feels warm and family-friendly because everyone is seated closer to one another, and there is no head of the table in these configurations.

It’s great if you’re having a weeknight dinner with your children and you want to hear about their day, or if you have an intimate dinner party. Having a round dining table also lends itself to more of a cozy, casual feel. 

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No 3. Contrasting Shapes

There tend to be a lot of straight lines in a home, and particularly in the more traditional elements that can come with the Hamptons aesthetic. A round dining table can serve as a lovely contrast to these lines. If there are no curves to the lines in a room, the space can seem like it’s lacking in a sense of balance.


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No 4. Styling a Round Dining Table

When it comes to designing the space surrounding a round dining table, the following are some ideas and inspiration points to keep in mind:


Choose an eye-catching light fixture to hang above the table, making the entire space a focal point

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Use chairs that contrast the table regarding shape, material or overall style. For example, choose chairs with angular, straight lines to juxtapose the lines of the table.

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Having a rectangular rug placed under a round dining table can also make for an appealing, layered and contrasting look.

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Get the look with Lavender Hill


Round tables work well outside of a traditional dining space as well. For example, you can use a round dining table in a large foyer where you need something that’s going to make a visual impact. 

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While a round dining table might not always be what you first consider, they make a beautiful and chic addition in a home.


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