Bringing Your Walls To Life with Hamptons-Inspired Art

Pulling a Hamptons-style home together relies on adding beautiful details, including artwork on the walls.

When you’re choosing art that’s in-line with the Hamptons style, you want to think about it being naturally-inspired and evoking colour palettes that fit with the aesthetic such as shades of blue, green and natural tones.

You don’t have to spend a lot to get amazing art, particularly if you opt for pieces from our collections of fine art prints.


How Does Art Improve Your Room Design?

Art should be anything but an afterthought.

When you’re designing a room, art can be a wonderful way to add colour, and your art may even end up being your focal point.

Your eye is going to go straight to what’s on the wall, and it helps tie everything together and tell a story.

Art is excellent for bringing balance to a room. For example, if you have high ceilings and you want to balance the scale of a room, you can hang your art high to bring the eye upward. Art also allows you to integrate texture and visual interest.

Of course, your art can also make a statement, whatever you want that to be.



A beautiful way to bring nature into your home and stay with the Hamptons look is to use florals.

We love the incredibly intricate and detailed floral prints of artist Felicia Aroney, for example. Many of Felicia’s hydrangea prints bring in the beautiful blues and greens that are so well-suited to a Hamptons room. They’re also full of depth and rich texture.

Felicia also creates prints in shades of pink if you want to stick with floral, but you want an unexpected twist of color. Again, these prints very much are in line with the quality Hamptons style is known for thanks to the deep textures.

Florals are great because they offer a sense of timelessness, and they have a classic feel. 


Of course, anything related to coastal life works well for Hamptons homes.

For example, we feature statement prints inspired by sea life featuring starfish, sea urchins and sea horses. These prints are indigo and they work well on their own or in a collection. They offer a whimsical touch.

And coral prints are always a popular selection.

Ginger Jars

Ginger jars are one of our favourite accessories for any space, and you can also bring the elegant design sensibilities to your art.

Our ginger jar fine art prints let you add blue into any space, and each feels like an antique heirloom.

Regardless of what works for you, have fun when you choose your art and opt for those pieces that most appeal to your personal tastes.



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