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Attic spaces

When we talk of attic rooms - what comes to mind? Is it the image of a dusty and cramped space that houses Christmas trees and family history? Often it is - but there is a space in your roof that can be creatively and carefully thought out to become a functional, comfortable room.


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There can be something magical and cosy about the attic space when developed into a room that works for you. 

Maybe it’s the unique lines of the roof that envelop you or the idea that you’re tucked away in your own little oasis far from the real world. 

Whatever it is, we love using attics for bedrooms, reading nooks, playrooms, or whatever extra space you need in your home.

The tendency of attics to have classic lines and traditional architectural design makes them beautifully suited for Hamptons design. 

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Where to start?

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If you aren’t sure where to start, first, we encourage you to work with the unique angles an attic presents, rather than hiding them or working against them. For instance- here, this study and bedroom spaces - small but well utilised in the roof line and angle.

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Give the space a warm, inviting feel with the use of beautiful patterns and rich textures. Allow natural light to flood in, and be mindful of function with how you use the space. For example, built-in beds and shelves are an efficient use of attic space. 

Whether it’s a child’s room, a guest room, or perhaps even your master bedroom, your attic can quickly be transformed from unused space into the most desirable hideaway in your home. 

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A main bedroom can feel private and tucked away from the rest of the house. Surrounded by sloping ceilings a cosy and beautiful space can be created.

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The reading room or reading nook can be taken to the next level using the attic space as a library or simply just a space to take a good book with a comfortable chair. It doesn't have to be architecturally designed, just a space with light that you can get a chair into that poses as an extra space in your home!

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The guest bedroom is often designed in the attic space. An idea that works well when a family is taking up all the bedrooms in the house! Functional, private and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the family space.  

Often a large space, the attic can be converted into a multi bed bedroom. Clever bunk room ideas are often seen in Hamptons homes. Adding guest space for a whole family!

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The attic room is often one of the most awkward spaces to convert. However, with some thought and creativity, it can be an amazing space adding another room or two to your home. It can be challenging to decorate due to its access and shape, but such a reward when complete!


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