Award Winning STAYZ Holiday Home furnished by Lavender Hill Interiors

STAYZ have just released their top 3 holiday homes for 2023.  Meet Vismi De Silva, the owner of Birdwood Estate in WA

Birdwood Estate

Between the Margaret River, Cape Lodge, and Clairault, the Birdwood Estate is one of Australia's most sought-after holiday rental properties.

The property, constructed from solid limestone, retains its original character with modern sensibilities and convenience.  Birdwood Estate started life as a small managers cottage on 'Birdwood Farm', which was a  Protea farm built by Tony Bird.

 It was later sold and the grand home was built by a European owner that took inspiration from the Queen Anne Federation houses.  The home encompases all the charm and charactoristics of the homes built in the Federation era. 

The property's owner, Vishmi Da Silva, came to us several years back to recreate a Hamptons and English countryside-inspired interior.  After bringing the home back to life with updated bathrooms and ensuites the home underwent an interiors overhall and the result was sensational!

Owner, host and manager of Birdwood Estate Vishmi De Silva

Birdwood Estate has just recently been awarded STAYZ Bronze medal for the top 3 places to stay in Australia

Birdwood Estate is the perfect home away from home that provides "a warm and inviting atmosphere for families and friends to gather and make unforgettable memories. Whether it's a much-anticipated reunion spanning several generations or a getaway with close friends", The host of Birdwood Estate wants to offer a welcoming environment for her guests where they can escape into their own unique experiences in this charming and beatiful home.

The Kookaburra Room.  Including Lavender Hill Interiors Duck Egg Blue Blanket Box, Wingback Armchair and Side Table

Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Linen Wingback Armchairs with Oak Round Side Table

We recently chatted with Vishmi about the opening of Birdwood Estate and what it means to her to have recieved this award.

The entrance at Birdwood Estate

1. How long ago did Birdwood Estate open, and what challenges do you find running this business?

In March 2019, we took on the task of managing and marketing our holiday home ourselves. The catch? We were living in Singapore at the time. Despite the distance, we were determined to make it work.

I had to become incredibly organised to handle everything from guest bookings to coordinating with contractors. Thankfully, my experience in international tech helped me source and integrate the best booking platforms and guest portals. But with a full-time job and two young children, it was certainly a challenge.

Interiors of Birdwood Estate including Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Linen Wingback Armchairs, Oak Round Side Table and Natural Linen Bed Ottoman

2. What brought you to Lavender Hill Interiors in the first instance - and have you been pleased with the outcome of the furniture and quality over time?

Having no background in interior design, Pinterest was my go-to source for inspiration when furnishing our rental property. After settling on a Hamptons style, Lavender Hill stood out as the only retailer that allowed me to mix and match the furniture while ensuring everything would coordinate cohesively.

Opting for retail furniture made sense for a rental that welcomes children and pets, and I'm pleased with how well the pieces have held up since their mid-2018 delivery. Despite some minor spills and stains, about 90% of the furniture still looks fantastic today.

"My only ask from Lavender Hill – please open a showroom or warehouse in Perth!!!"

3. What type of clientele do you find mostly visit Birdwood Estate?

Our house exudes grandeur and boasts impressive features, making it an ideal location for memorable events. From multi-generational family reunions to intimate getaways with close friends, we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere that allows our guests to escape and create their special moments.

Our shared spaces cater to all ages, including a fantastic kids' playroom that gives parents a much-needed break. Plus, we welcome many members of the family and even provide them with luxurious bedding and products from @mogandbone to ensure their stay is just as comfortable.

4. Which are your favourite Lavender Hill Interiors pieces - and why?

Choosing just one favourite piece is tough since we have so many lovely items. However, the 3m French Farmhouse Dining Table truly serves as the home’s centrepiece.

The Kitchen at Birdwood Estate. Including Lavender Hill Interiors French Farmhouse dining table and Oak Cross Back Dining Chairs

Additionally, I can't help but love the Duck Egg Blue Linen Wingback Armchairs and the elegant Navy Linen Bed Ottoman - Oak Frame featured in the Blue Wren Room.

The Kookaburra Room. Including Duck Egg Blue Blanket Box, Wingback Armchair and Side Table

The Blue Wren Room including Lavender Hill Interiors Plain Linen Bedhead, Oak Bedside Tables, Navy Linen with Oak Frame Bed Ottoman.  Also in this room Oak 6 drawer Chest of Drawers

5. What advice would you offer others who are considering setting up a house on Stayz and would you follow the same path as you did when you set up Birdwood Estate?

It depends on your goals, as managing a holiday home can be demanding and time-consuming. We opted to prioritise the guest experience by offering elegant furnishings suitable for families.

The Lavender Hill range was a perfect fit, providing signature timeless pieces that can be easily replaced if necessary, avoiding changing multiple pieces due to unavailability.

The Living room at Birdwood Estate including Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Linen Roll Arm Sofas, Wingback Armchairs and Parquetry Coffee and Side Tables

The Living Room including Lavender Hill Interiors Oak 3 Drawer Console Table and Various cushions

6. What is your favourite part of running this type of business and why?

Managing a holiday home remotely from another country has been challenging, requiring significant effort and dedication. With guests often celebrating big milestones, we sometimes start engaging with them a year in advance, feeling the pressure to ensure they are not let down after building up their stay for months.

Through our preferred guest program, we have developed strong relationships with many repeat families, creating unforgettable moments that mean more than reviews or awards.

From helping a terminally ill guest arrange their last family holiday (when the WA borders were closed) to receiving a heartfelt message and personal photos from a guest who had a lost loved one and Birdwood was the last place they all got together, knowing our property was the place they created those cherished memories makes it all worthwhile and reminds you of the importance of taking the time to spend with the people that matter most to us.

7. What does it mean to you to have received this award after the work and effort that has gone into making this the perfect holiday home?

Receiving an award is certainly a validation of our efforts, but what truly brings me joy is when families book their special occasions with us - be it a milestone birthday, anniversary, or other momentous events - after thorough research and consideration. It's an honour to know that our home has become the backdrop for these cherished memories that will be treasured forever.

In fact, receiving personal messages or photos of appreciation from our guests is even more meaningful to me than any award. Reading the thoughtful and detailed reviews left by our satisfied customers is a testament to our success and a reminder that our hard work has paid off.

Lavender Hill Interiors Oak Chest of Drawer

Fountain at Birdwood Estate

Lavender Hill Interiors Black Malawi Armchairs

Lavender Hill Interiors Oak Sideboard

Lavender Hill Interiors congratulates Vishmi on her award.  Vishmi, your hard work and perseverance have paid off, along with your elegant taste and style.  We are so thrilled to have been part of this wonderful project and are delighted to have chatted with you again recently about your award.  

To visit Birdwood Estate CLICK HERE

Photo credit for photos used in this blog goes to Matthew Moyes, Paris Hawkin Photography and Sandy West from West Creative


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