Bringing the Outside In With A Hamptons Style Kitchen


In Hamptons interior design and coastal design in general, one of the primary objectives is to bring the outside in. When we say this, we mean that the home's design follows the theme of the surroundings.


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The entire inspiration for Hamptons design are the beach, water, and harbours.

When you live near the water, some defining outdoor features include sweeping views, shades of blue and green, and a sense of tranquility. 

The design of a Hamptons home often includes expansive windows, where the view becomes the focal point. No place is this better demonstrated than the kitchen. 

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With large windows and open views, the outdoors becomes like art in any space, including the kitchen. 

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Then, the furnishings and interior design items you choose continue to reflect this theme of bringing the outdoors in, thus the use of shades of blue and green, florals, and natural textures and materials in Hamptons design.

Even if you don't live on the water, you can still embrace the coastal design principle of appreciating the outdoors and tying it into your space with large windows and inspired interior elements. 


We selected some of our favourite beautifully designed Hamptons kitchens that create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience and rely on nature to guide the design. 

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A great tip for bringing the outdoors into your kitchen is to enlarge the window, if possible.  Not only does this allow plenty of natural light, the hues of blues and greens are seen more readily.

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Another easy and effective way of bringing the outdoors and view into your kitchen is to literally bring the outdoors in by adding fresh flowers and greenery into your decor.  This draws the eye from the inside to the colours that are outdoors.  



William Pitt Sir

As you can see, bringing the outside into your kitchen allows you to create a beautiful tone to you decor.  It brings in colours to work with while filling the kitchen with natural light.  


We hope that these gorgeous kitchens have given you some inspiration to work with the natural surrounds of your home. See some of our beautiful pieces to add to your kitchen decor to bring in the ocean or garden surrounds. 


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