Capturing the Timeless Beauty of Blue and White Design

Leslie Joan Interiors 


For decades or more, the ultimate sign of elegant beauty in home design has been a blue and white colour palette.



 Left: Cintrine Living, Right: The Rinfret Group 


That’s something that we love so much about Hamptons-inspired design—while it always feels fresh, it also leans on a traditional foundation.


 Tidbits and Twine

 The Tradionalist


Some of our most popular furnishings and décor items are available in blue and white.



Left: Lavender Hill Interiors Louis Armchair and Right: Bobbin Armchair
Lavender Hill Interiors Dynasty ceramic stool 



Left: Lavender Hill Interiors White Bemaliki Chair and Right Duck Egg Blue Wingback Armchair 


Blue and white interior design doesn’t just capture classic and timelessness, but it also reflects the sky and sea and natural beauty in general. Nature is a pivotal point of inspiration for Hamptons design. 


PSD Architects: photo - Brian Van Brink 




There are so many ways to use a blue and white colour palette, and you can choose the shades that speak to you the most.

That might be deep, dark navy blue for drama and a nautical feel.


Lavender Hill Interiors Navy Linen Roll Arm 3 seater sofa with White Piping


Lavender Hill Interiors Olio Blue Woollen Rug


 Via the Cottage Journal - photo Cynthia Lynnkim. styling Charlotte Safavi. Design North Shore Nest


 Joy Design Build


There are also lighter shades of blue, like our favourite duck egg blue that feel like a newer take on blue and white. 


Lavender Hill Interiors Duck Egg Blue Linen Living room package 


Lauren De Loch Interiors 


Duck egg blue still takes its cues from nature, but in a soft, serene way.  This calming and appeasing colour scheme is often used in the bedroom.



 Lavender Hil Interiors Duck Egg Blue Buttoned Bedhead


Mark D. Sikes

 Nicola Bathie McLaughlin


Even with a simple blue and white colour palette, you can utilise texture and pattern in visually exciting ways. It may be a classic colour combination, but it never feels tired. 



Jeff Herr Photography


Luxe Magazine Wallpaper by @zoffanfw


Not only does blue and white work beautifully in patterns, it makes a striking combination for a buffalo gingham that utilizes these contrasting colours to an amazing effect.



Left: A Simply Styled Nest, Right: Photo Luciana Hanley for @barkleysbag 


The blue and white combination is a universally liked palette.  It really works in any space and with so many decorating styles and rooms. 


 Patrick Ahearn Architect, Brooke Wagner design


Left: Interior Design - Lee Ann Thornton, Image via House Beautiful, Right: Chrissie Home and design


See below for some of our Lavender Hill Interiors timeless blue and white furniture and decor pieces. 





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