Children’s Rooms Can Be Chic but Also Kid-Friendly

Lavender Hill Interiors Single Blue Striped Linen Bedhead Package


We often hear from clients who want to create a beautiful children’s bedroom that is in line with the style of the rest of their home but is also going to be functional for kids. There’s certainly a way to balance style with function in kids’ rooms.


 Left: Architect @davidcharlezdesigns Photo @spacecrafting_photography
Right: Caitlin Willson design

We recently introduced new bedroom furniture to facilitate that balance, in the form of beautiful Lavender Hill Interiors bedheads and matching accessories.



 Lavender Hill Interiors Single Pink Linen Buttoned Bedhead Package



 Lavender Hill Interiors Single Navy Linen Studded bedhead package



 Lavender Hill Interiors Single Natural Linen Buttoned Bedhead Package


With a child’s room, consider using bright colours that are a bit out-of-the-ordinary to give it a sense of whimsy. 



 Left: Alexis Courtney for @Schumacher1889   Right: Nesting Place Interiors


Coco Cozy



 Matouk Linens 



 Left: Architectural Digest  Right: House Beautiful


Bold patterns in the form of upholstery or wallpaper can be great in a kids’ room, as can a well-styled bed and, of course, a beautiful bedhead. 



Rachel Parcell 



  Schumacher 1889


You can also keep an older child or teens’ room more age-appropriate with simple colours and maybe a pop of pink or blue.  



Kylie Redden stylist 


 Blocc Interiors


 Photo @brianwetzelphoto


Eye-catching light fixtures, exciting uses of space for storage that stays out of view and fun artwork also work well in a kid’s room that’s cohesive with the rest of your home but still feels child-like. 




Matouk Linens  



 Lark and Grace Interiors 



 Lilypad Cottage


Home Beautiful

As you design a child’s room, think about ensuring it will grow with them. For the bolder pieces, make sure you can change them easily, such as the bedding and cushions, as your child’s taste evolves. Invest in the primary, foundational pieces that will last a lifetime, like the bed and other furnishings. 



Left: Sims Hilditch  Right: Coastal Hamptons Style 



 Left:  Right:  Project Nursery



Photo - Jessie Preza.  Design - Nesting Place Interiors


The Rinfret Group



Left: The Fox Group.  Right:  Matouk Linens -   Photo @linarolnickinteriordesign 


See our range of children's bedroom packages below to create your perfect child's room that will take your little one through from toddler to their teenage years. 


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