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When Clare Park started her journey to create the home of her dreams, she faced the same issues that so many of us customers have. She knew what she liked, but with her home being in Perth, she faced limited shopping options nearby. 

Clare made the trip to our Sydney showroom and was thrilled to find that everything she saw on our site was exactly as she expected it would be. 

We worked with her to create a Hamptons oasis to suit the needs of her family and lifestyle. 

We had the opportunity to speak with Clare about her experience working with Lavender Hill Interiors, detailing everything from the use of our mood boards to bring together her aesthetic, to the ease of the shipping process. 


1. Can you tell us a little about the house you have built and the interior style you wanted to achieve?

After 3 attempts at finding the right builder for us, we found a design that suited our family and with a few tweaks, we had a floorplan that flowed allowing plenty of room for two growing boys!

I always knew that I wanted a Hamptons inspired interior. I love the way the Hamptons aesthetic fits with the Australian lifestyle, whether you are in the middle of the outback, by the ocean or like us, on the river.







2. What are some of the design elements in your new home that encapsulates the Hamptons aesthetic?

The obvious Hamptons colour combination of blue and white feature heavily in the living room and allows the room to remain visually beautiful but hardwearing, however, I did not want the entire house to be representative of one colour palate.

When Lavender Hill Interiors introduced Sea Mist* into their colour range, I made sure it was a feature in our parents’ retreat. This room is a great example of alternative colour schemes working their Hamptons magic without a single drop of blue! The natural background of the oatmeal linen sofas ensure the Seamist occasional chair and coffee table pop against the white wainscoting and makes this room a favourite place to curl up with a book and relax.

* Our sea mist linen living room furniture is now sold out however you can achieve a similar look with our Duck Egg Blue linen furniture.




 Our sea mist linen living room furniture is now sold out however you can achieve a similar look with our Duck Egg Bluelinen furniture.


 Similar cushions

3. You were able to come to Sydney from Perth to visit our showroom and view the furniture and homewares. How did you then find working with Lavender Hill Interiors remotely to furnish your house?

Living in Perth unfortunately means there are limited options when it comes to furnishings in Hamptons style. Having poured over the Lavender Hill Interiors website, I knew that everything our home needed was there. What I was unsure of was the quality and workmanship. Many of us have had fails buying furniture and effects over the internet. Quite often what arrives on your doorstep is not representative of the photo on a website.

I knew I had to visit the showroom to make sure I was not going to have another internet shopping fail! When I found myself in Queensland, I took the opportunity of taking a quick flight down to Sydney for the day to visit the showroom.

I was very relieved to find that the quality and workmanship matched the photos on the website and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lavender Hill Interiors staff as they helped me to create the Hamptons look I was after for each room.

When everything was ordered, I promptly took myself out for a champagne to celebrate!





4. Did you find the mood boards and styled images on the site helpful in choosing your furniture and homewares?

Absolutely! The mood boards greatly inspired me and took all the design work out of choosing.

The mood boards feature various combinations of the furniture for different rooms: combinations I would never have thought of. It made the task of choosing furniture and the soft furnishings to match a breeze and visitors always comment how hard it must have been for me trying to come up with all the design aesthetics in the house!


5. Can you tell us how you found the quality and design of the pieces once you received them and how the process of ordering and delivery was?

We ordered 4 rooms of furniture whilst I was at the showroom. The furniture packages put together by Lavender Hill Interiors ensured that I was not spending a fortune.

I did have a concern that because of the quantity of furniture ordered, damage may occur during transit. The house was not finished when the furniture arrived, so it was taken straight to a storage facility where it sat for a further 5 months so I had no idea whether the furniture had survived the journey across the Nullarbor.

When the house was completed and the furniture finally delivered to our new home, I was relieved to find that as a result of excellent packing, not a single scratch or dent was found. The quality and design was exactly as I had inspected at the showroom and communication between Lavender Hill Interiors and I ensured that I always knew at what stage the furniture was at.

Unpacking and setting up each room was one of the most satisfying experiences I have had and when I walk through the front door each day, I feel absolutely blessed and relieved that I made the right decision in choosing Lavender Hill Interiors.



6. Any other comments?

If you are looking for Hamptons furniture and design inspiration, then I would not hesitate in recommending Lavender Hill Interiors. Look at their website and Intagram page for all the design inspiration you need. Use the mood boards to help create the look you are after and provide the inspiration you need to create your own mood board that suits your home and style.

If you are unsure whether the colour of the furniture on the website will work for you, request a sample and it will be promptly sent to you.

The staff ensured that my entire furniture journey with them was a seamless and enjoyable experience and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any prospective clients.




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