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"A midtone blue with a green undertone, the soft and muted Duck Egg Blue brings tranquillity across spaces such as living area, bedrooms and nurseries."


Houzz, at one point, stated that duck egg blue transcends trends and works well with so many other colours and styles. We couldn’t agree more, which is why duck egg blue is our newest colour of the month. 

From a Hamptons kitchen to a French-inspired bedroom or an elegant formal living area, duck egg blue has a place nearly anywhere.

It's that ideal bridge between neutrals and gives the perfect pop you want from an accent colour, or you can make it a focal point. Add warmth, interest, and personality to any room. 

Thanks to its versatility, duck egg blue works well in a more rustic setting or an elegant, traditional context.

We hardly think there’s a place that doesn’t call for the use of this lovely, naturally-inspired and serene colour. 

Duck Egg Blue is a soft and easy colour to work with.  It is stylish and sophisticated. Mixed with neutrals and timber, the effect is striking and absolutely beautiful.  

This colour works well in all coastal settings, classic settings, traditional as well as being the perfect colour for the Hamptons home.

Using Duck Egg Blue creates a compelling Hamptons style decor. Always seen in  Hamptons style homes, Duck Egg Blue is often the 'go to' colour of choice.

If you want to explore the beauty of duck egg blue, every one of our ranges features duck egg blue which is our signature colour, including upholstered benches, armchairs, sofas, bedheads and rugs.

As well as our beautiful linen furniture, We also have decorative pieces and soft furnishings that you can integrate into your home such as lamps, cushions and throws.  

See our Blue Cushion collection here 

We encourage you to shop our Duck Egg Blue favourites as we celebrate this colour of the month at Lavender Hill Interiors.

Click here for our Duck Egg Blue linen furniture and decor pieces

Blue Striped Linen Wingback Armchair

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