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Green  is a colour that is seen to positively affect thinking and physical and mental health.  Green can help put people at ease in a new place and adds a calming effect due to its association with nature. For this reason, designers often feature green in public spaces such as restaurants and hotels.  
Reference: Very well Mind COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY

As green has such natural ties with nature, it's a decor colour that can enhance a space and encourage relaxation and calmness.  

Forest Green Ceramic lampstyled with various styling decor

Celebrating Green as the colour of the month

The core of Hamptons design revolves around using neutrals and natural materials, with pops of colour interspersed. The colours that add a bit of a punch are usually blues because they’re reminiscent of the sea. 

There’s another option that we love, though, and that’s the use of green. 

We’ve been introducing several green décor items lately in varying shades, including cushions, artwork, lamps, and ginger jars. We encourage you to take a look and see what speaks to you. 

Green allows you to infuse organic inspiration into your home.

For example, the contrast between the green beach dune grass along the coastline and the blue sea is a signature of coastal communities.  

Green is unique and fresh, but still in line with the inspiration derived from nature that’s such a key part of Hamptons décor.

Magnolia 1, 2 & 3 Designer Boys Art with Lavender Hill Interiors Forrest Green Lamps on our White 3 drawer console table

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Some of our NEW favourites are available in green

We also have a range of faux orchids and flowers that bring  the outdoors into your home - especially when styled with our lovely coffee table books.

Faux Magnolia

We encourage you to shop our shades of green as we celebrate this colour of the month at Lavender Hill Interiors

Click here for our Green furniture pieces and decor

Blue Linen Hydrangea bedhead package


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