Creating a Pet Oasis in Your Hamptons Home



We can’t forget our beloved four-legged friends when we’re designing our homes.






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One way homeowners are making their spaces better suited to the needs of their pets is with dog washing stations and dedicated areas for their dogs to eat and even sleep. 


 Left and Right images from Pinterest


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Builder - Pete Black,  Photo - Ryan Garvin

What’s so great about having a space for your dog is that it keeps the rest of your home cleaner and tidier, but you can also have fun with the design.


 Trickle Creek Designer Homes


Think of it as a mudroom just for your dog, where you can store grooming and food supplies and, if possible, add a washing station right by a door, so your pet can’t run through your house with muddy feet. 






We love the idea of beautifully tiled floors in a pet space because they’re durable and easy to clean.




Gorgeous cabinetry gives you a place to store everything out of view. Some homeowners are even building feeding stations for their dogs using tile, marble and other luxury materials. 


Design - HW Interiors,  Photo - Pqevedos



You don’t even need a particular room or space—you can add a pet grooming station to your laundry room, for example. If you don’t like having pet beds cluttering your floors, why not a built-in bed? 





Left - Newport Coast,   Right - Design - Collins Interiors, Photo - Nathan Schroder Photo


Photo Josh Wacldwell


Get clever with how you store items, and have fun designing a functional and Fido-friendly space. 





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