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Creating An Idyllic Hamptons Kitchen 


Kitchen design is key to the overall feel of a home regardless of the particular interior design style, and that certainly holds true in Hamptons design.

Hamptons design is about functionality and livability as much as beautiful details, finishes, and furnishings. You want to achieve that perfect blend of inviting comfort with impeccable style, and kitchens are a great place to showcase these features.

Hamptons kitchens often have a neutral colour palette, with a lot of white or gray as the primary colour. The kitchens encompass what we all love about the idea of the Hamptons, which is a style that’s breezy, spacious, and bright. There’s a laid-back coastal sensibility.



Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest 

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Colours That Are Light and Bright

This is important—the colours have to lend themselves to a sense of brightness and airiness, which is white is such a popular option for everything from the cabinets to the countertops.

White in a room reflects the light, so it will enhance the natural light coming in. Everything also tends to feel fresh and clean, but you can still work in some colours in your kitchen, like blues and greens, along with classic gray. 



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Shaker Cabinets

We love Shaker cabinetry because it’s a timeless style that works perfectly in Hamptons design. Shaker cabinets bring in clean lines, but there are also some traditional elements. Some of your cabinets might include glass panels along with classic full wood panels. 

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The Seasoned Home

Stone Benchtops

For a Hamptons kitchen, you want ample benchtop space. Benchtops give you places to prepare food and additional seating, and they’re great for entertaining so everyone can spread out.

Opt for natural stone, and especially marble. If not marble, quartz can also achieve the look, but it’s less expensive and more durable. 

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Sanctuary Home Decor


Natural Materials

We mentioned natural stone above, and other natural materials that you might consider using in a Hamptons kitchen include timber flooring and furniture that integrates natural materials. For floors, some people opt for light-wash timber to keep up the breezy coastal feel, but you can also use a darker finish that will contrast the lighter colours in the rest of the room. For furnishings, look for light wood pieces and fabrics that are also natural materials, like linen and cotton. 

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Design - The Brothers Stonington

The House of Murphy

Deep Sinks

A deep farmhouse sink or similar style is stunning in a Hamptons kitchen. Your sink can create an impression in your kitchen and of course, they’re critical from a functionality perspective. 


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Finally, no Hamptons kitchen design is complete without pendant lighting over a bar or island.

Pendant lights are an opportunity to add visual interest to a kitchen and draw the eye toward that central focal point. You can also use your pendant lights as the opportunity to add a bit more of a distinctive, out-of-the-box design element to your kitchen if you prefer. For example, you could add industrial-inspired, woven pendant or lantern-style lighting. 

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The kitchen is often noted as the 'heart of the home'.  It is a space where the family come together for meals, where we entertain and where we really do spend a lot of our time.  

You need to feel like it's a space where you want to be, inviting and practical as well as comfortable for not only ourselves but for others.  The Hamptons style kitchen is a style that can work well in large spaces or small.  

Be sure of the design you want before you commence and you will be forever pleased with the result.

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