Gorgeous Hamptons Inspired Home in Sydney


At Lavender Hill Interiors, we love sharing beautiful images that inspire us, as well as our favourite furniture pieces from our collection on our social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook. We recently connected with a new customer from Sydney who contacted us directly after she saw something that she loved on our Instagram page. What started with that initial phone call has led to her integrating many of our pieces into her home.

She used our mood boards and ordered items online and also eventually visited our showroom. She felt our mood boards really helped inspire her and get a feel for how things would look together.

It’s always our goal to offer our clients a highly personalised experience, but also one that’s convenient from our free linen swatches to our styled furniture packages.

We sat down to speak with her about her experience working with us as she selected the perfect items for her home.


1. What does a Hamptons style home mean to you?

When I think of Hamptons style, I think of big homes on Long Island, New York, Sag Harbour, Nantucket and that beautiful and recognisable area.  I feel the style belongs to the homes that are associated with that - many bedrooms, ocean front, classic style rooms and very traditional design.  

I very much love that style, but in the middle of Sydney, there are very few homes that are realistically like that.  Our home is very contemporary, and for years I have had very contemporary furniture.  It suited the home, and was functional.  However, as I have always loved the Hamptons style of furniture and homes, and, as we are never planning to move into a large scale Hamptons style home in the middle of Sydney, I decided to just go for it and fill my contemporary house with the style of furniture that I so love.  

I am thrilled with the result.  It is so great to see that this Hamptons style can be so very versatile and lend itself to a modern home.  It has created a traditional feel to my inner city home, which I absolutely love.


2.  How did you find working with Lavender Hill Interiors remotely to furnish your house? 

The girls from LHI were so very helpful when I first phoned to ask about an instagram post I had seen.  They knew exactly what I was talking about, and were able to send a swatch of the material out to me that day.  Since then, I have purchased many more items.  The first was the natural linen dining chairs.  I bought 2 as occasional chairs, but once I received them, I knew I wanted them as dining chairs so purchased the rest for the table.  

Since that purchase, I have been into the showroom and have now changed much of the furniture in my house.  The girls work directly with their clients from the initial phone call to helping in the showroom;  they know the furniture I have and help me work in other pieces.  From the initial call it has been a very positive experience with a personal touch.

3. Did you find the mood boards and styled images on the site helpful in choosing your furniture and homewares?

When deciding which pieces to add to my living room, which is quite a large room, and very open, I spent quite a lot of time on the Lavender Hill website picking through the mood boards.

I found the styled pictures on the website really helpful in selecting cushions and woking out which rug etc. to purchase.  There are many options of pieces and packages to select from.  

I was a little concerned about going with navy due to my dogs, but I wanted to steer away from the natural linen colour due to the many teenage occupants in my house.  I felt the natural linen would become grubby quickly.  But have been pleasantly surprised with the armchairs and dining chairs.  

I think the mood boards really helped in selecting both the navy sofa and the smaller decor items also.  You definitely get a feel for what the room will look like.

One of the customized mood boards we created


4. Can you tell us how you found the quality and design of the pieces once you received them?

The initial pieces of furniture I purchased, as mentioned were my buttoned dining chairs.  I bought them as a pair and was going to use one as a study chair and the other as an occasional chair.  They arrived very quickly after I ordered.  They came packaged securely and in great condition.  After sitting on the chair as a desk chair for one day, I decided to purchase 8 more for the dining table.  

The quality of all the Lavender Hill pieces I have is great.  I have no hesitation in recommending Lavender Hill in functionality and design.  Every piece has been superb and I've had no issue at all.  

My absolute favourite piece is the roll arm armchair in the sunny corner of my house where I tend to do a lot of my work and curl up on it with my coffee in the morning.  A very important thing for me with an armchair is not only that its comfortable to sit, but I need to have my legs tucked up under me, cushions around me and my computer can balance on the arm of the chair. This chair is perfect for that!!

5. How was the process of ordering and the delivery of your order?

After furnishing my home, I now and then see a styled decor piece on the newsletter or on Facebook or Instagram.  When I see something, and I feel it will work in the house, I do my online purchase, and within a few days, it will arrive.  I have never had an issue with the website or the ordering.  

All the furniture and pieces in the house has essentially been purchased online - it's easy, and I know if there is any problems the staff are helpful and accommodating. 



Here are all the pieces our customer chose to create her dream Hamptons home. 


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