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Hamptons Inspired Sunrooms

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One of Hamptons design's mainstay elements is integrating nature and the outdoors in your indoor design. Inspiration in Hamptons design draws heavily from the sea, greenery, florals, and wildlife. 

As part of that, bringing the outdoors in and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living can work well for a Hamptons-style home. 

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In a sunroom or conservatory, rather than having furnishings and décor that compete with the outdoors, have them tie together seamlessly and harmoniously. 

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Conservatories and sunrooms are those spaces in a home that is primarily glass and allow natural light and the beauty of what’s outside to flood in. They’re a wonderful multi-purpose space where you can enjoy everything from morning coffee to entertaining friends and family. 

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Add sumptuous seating so that the area is usable and comfortable. The seating spaces should be laid out to allow you to enjoy whatever’s just outside the window. 

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Another great way to use a sunroom or conservatory is as an additional dining space. A round table and upholstered chairs transform these spaces into a breakfast room or informal dining space. 

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Lavender Hill Interiors Hamptons Round dining table with cross back dining chairs.

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If you have the space, you might separate the areas of your sunroom based on intended use. A grouping of plush chairs in one part of the space can be added alongside a dining area. 

Tie it all together with the addition of greenery to bring life into your sunroom and make it appear as if it’s an extension of the outdoors surrounding it. 

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Finally, keep your window coverings minimal if you have them. You don’t want anything pulling the eye away from the surroundings.  

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Adding a conservatory or sunroom to your home can be a perfect way of blurring the lines of indoor and outdoor.  

A room with natural light streaming in and showing off the natural elements of the exterior is the perfect place to show the more relaxed version of the interiors of your home. These window walled rooms are alluring and are a special place in the home.


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