Hamptons Style Interior Design

We work with some of Australia’s most highly regarded interior designers, so we well know the advantages of hiring a professional who can bring to your Hamptons interior design project to life. Hiring a great interior designer can help you pull together different pieces, and think about how an entire space is going to come together cohesively.

It can be a challenge to manage an interior design project without a trained eye, and a feel for how pieces are going to work together with one another. The best Hamptons-style spaces often include layers, rich textures, and varying shades of neutral colours with pops of blue. All of the moving parts and different elements can be difficult to bring together without a designer.

At the same time, you want something that’s going to showcase your personality while still evoking the elements of a classic Hamptons aesthetic.

Everything a designer brings to a project can be a process. There are many aspects to a design project. Most designers will begin with an in-depth consultation, and from there they’ll create inspiration and mood boards. Then, they will start bringing in specific pieces and sourcing items before the project comes together and is finalised.


At Lavender Hill Interiors, we’ve put together something that’s ideal if perhaps a professional designer isn’t in your budget. We have curated mood boards incorporating different furnishings, accent pieces and accessories, art, and even floor coverings. Our mood boards are quintessentially Hamptons, but at the same time,they are each distinctive from one another so you can choose the option that best suits your personal preferences and your lifestyle.

Our goal with our exclusive mood boards is to help you get the pulled together, refined and chic style you would enjoy with a designer. Yet,you’re doing so in a way that’s affordable and also time-efficient. Our mood boards are available for different areas of the home including entry and hallways, bedrooms, dining areas, and living rooms.

Here are a few of our Hamptons inspired interior design ideas:








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