Hamptons Style Paint Colours from the Experts at Dulux

So much of Hamptons interior design style is focused on the colour palettes used. A beautiful wall colour or accent colour can completely shift the feel of the space. There are some colours that are just quintessentially Hamptons as well.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dulux Colour & Communications Manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr and learn more about what the experts think about paint colours and what embodies Hamptons design style.

Key points from the interview include the fact that essential Hamptons colours are often soft shades of blues and greens, neutral greys and warm whites. Also part of Hamptons colour palettes are naturally-inspired shades of stone and sand.

Read on to learn more about how to achieve the ideal Hamptons colour scheme and some of the specific Dulux colours that work well.

Dulux Pre School. Image via Dulux Australia

1. What colour palette do you suggest for the interior walls and trims of a Hamptons style house?

The essential Hamptons colour palette for interiors includes soft blues and greens, neutral grey, stone and sand and whites, slightly on the warmer side.

The key when using a main feature colour is to layer accessories with lots of texture and incorporate complimentary subtle colours in decorating elements.

Some Hamptons palettes includes a soft grey, blue or green as the main colour and use a bright white such as Dulux Vivid White TM for all woodwork including windows, doors, ceiling, skirtings and architraves. To ensure your home doesn't look too stark use a white with a warmish undertone as this will soften the overall look.


  • Dulux Natural White TM,  Dulux Whisper White with Dulux Vivid White TM trims or Dulux White on White TM

Walls: Dulux White on White TM. Image via Three Birds Renovation

Walls: Dulux White on White TM. Image via Three Birds Renovation

Walls: Dulux Whisper White. Image via


Door: Dulux Whisper White. Image via Pinterest.

Walls: Dulux Natural White. Stylist: The Real Estate Stylist. Photographer: Amelia Stanwix.


         Co-ordinate With Natural Linen Furniture from Lavender Hill



  • For a soft blue try Dulux Pre School or Dulux Angora Blue. For a soft green try Dulux Eaves or Dulux Cool.

Cabinetry: Dulux Angora Blue. Image via Three Birds Renovation 

Dulux Pre School. Image via Dulux Australia.


         Co-ordinate With Duck Egg Blue Linen Furniture Lavender Hill


Walls: Dulux Cool. Image via Three Birds Renovation


   Co-ordinate With Sea Mist Linen Furniture from Lavender Hill


  • For a warm grey try Dulux Dieskau or Dulux Grey Pail. 

Cabinetry: Dulux Dieskau. Image via Pinterest

         Co-ordinate With Navy Linen Furniture From Lavender Hill



2. What colour palette do you suggest for the exterior of a Hamptons style house?

Try the soft greige palette and earthy tans and beiges, colours such as Dulux Tranquil Retreat, Timeless Grey, Grey Pail, Grand Piano or Winter Fog. Use a tonal white in either Dulux Terrace White or Lexicon:registered: Half for windows and architraves and doors.

Dulux Exteriors 2017: Tranquil Retreat, Monument & Vivid White TM Trim

Facade: Dulux Grey Pail. Trims: Dulux White on White TM. Image via Three Birds Renovation

Dulux Interiors 2017: Timeless Grey

Walls: Dulux Grand Piano. Image via Pinterest

 Weatherboards: Dulux Tranquil Retreat. Image via Katrina Chambers


3. And what about cabinetry in a Hamptons style home - should it be a contrasting colour?

What colour do you suggest? This is such a personal choice and really depends on the other fittings in the kitchen. You need to ensure the undertones remain the same in all of the fittings and the colour should reflect this on the walls. If you want a colour on the cabinets try a muted soft grey, green or blue, colours such as Dulux Spanish Olive, Silkwort or Pre School Half are a great place to start.

Cabinetry: Dulux Spanish Olive.  Photographer: Lisa Cohen.  Stylist: Beck Simon. Image via Norsu Interiors

Cabinetry: Dulux Silkwort. Image via The Design Files

4. What do these colours reflect about the Hamptons lifestyle?

The layering of textiles and textural objects against soft blues and greens, greys, stones, and white creates a beautiful elegant and timeless look. It helps curates a space that isn’t overstyled, but yet is liveable, relaxing, simple and effective, which works so well in Australian homes.


Walls: Dulux Natural White. Image via Pinterest 

Once you achieve the perfect colour palette, it becomes easier to build the rest of your décor around that foundation. Hamptons colours should create a sense of serenity and at the same time warmth. They should lend to a feeling of lived-in elegance, with natural inspiration.



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