Hamptons Inspired Window Dressing

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Windows play an integral role in Hamptons homes and architecture. You’ll often see one of the defining characteristics of a Hamptons home are numerous large windows. Windows are important for a few main reasons. First, they let natural light flow in. Natural light and airy, open-feeling spaces are quintessentially Hamptons.

The second reason windows are so significant in Hamptons homes? They create a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. The Hamptons style is about appreciating nature and coastal elements. Windows provide a backdrop for that.

Choosing window treatments for a Hamptons home should take these elements into consideration. You should look for window treatments that frame the windows without obstructing the views or natural light.

We have put together 3 styles of window treatments you can derive inspiration from in your Hamptons project.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds and similarly tailored blinds are great because they are crisp and look elegant and customised. At the same time, they are typically pulled to the upper part of a window so as not to block the window itself. It gives a polished look and feel and draws the eye toward the window.

With Roman shades there are so many different options. You can go for a patterned fabric for a traditional look, or elegant linen timelessness. A striped pattern or a single stripe can bring in the nautical elements of Hamptons style as well. Woven Roman shades in a material like bamboo are perfect for bringing in texture and the look is reminiscent of seagrass.


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Interior designer: Lynda Kerry

Interior designer: Melinda Hartwright

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Interior designer:Melinda Hartwright

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Designer: Heidi Piron

Image by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

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Panel-style drapes feel instantly elegant and soft. They can work well in a casual space or a more formal one. They’re versatile and lovely. To prevent them from blocking windows, you can simply keep them pulled aside during the day. A sheer panel is also a beautiful look.

As an added tip, if you’re using panels, hang them at ceiling level to give the perception that your ceilings are higher and draw the eye upward.

Interior Designer: Mardi Doherty

Interior designer: Lynda Kerry

Interior designer: Marylou Sobel

Interior Designer: Geoff Chick & Associates

Interior Designer: Marco Meneguzzi

Interior Designer: Natasha Levak

Interior Designer: Marylou Sobel


Shutters and custom wood blinds are beautiful in a classic Hamptons home. They really integrate the coastal look and feel, and they keep clean, simple lines. When they’re opened they also let in plenty of natural light, and they don’t obscure the windows so the windows remain an important architectural element in a space.

Interior Designer: Natalee Bowen

Image via Decorpad

Image via Southern Hospitality


Now that you have been inspired by these stunning Hamptons style window treatments - take a look at our timeless Hamptons style furniture and homewares to  create your own dream Hamptons home.


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