Welcoming Hamptons Style - Entry Doors, Garage Doors & Internal Doors

When you think about the exterior style of a Hamptons home, you might think of certain roof lines, timber, and colour palettes that include white, grey and maybe accents of navy or duck egg blue. You may also think of well-manicured lawns surrounding the home, but what about the doors?

The doors of a home, including the main front doors and the garage doors, take up a large portion of the façade of a home, and if you’re going for Hamptons style, there are plenty of ways you can do this through your choice of doors.

The idea of quintessential Hamptons design style is that it’s welcoming and inviting above all else, and the entryway doors are what first greets a person and creates that sense before anything else.

Front Doors

Some things to consider when it comes to Hamptons front and entry doors include:

  • There tends to be a big focus on symmetry in Hamptons style, and this extends to the front door. Think about double doors rather than a single door, or doors frame on either side by window panes. Symmetry can also come in the form of planters or outdoor light fixtures framing either side of the doors.

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  • Exterior lights can lend to a feeling of warmth and also classic, timeless sophistication. Lantern and sconce style lights framing the front door work beautifully.

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  • Well-manicured greenery is quintessentially Hamptons. Consider having boxwoods that are meticulously shaped and in square or classic pots on either side of the door.

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  • As far as the exterior door colour, there are plenty of options. One option is to go with black, which looks elegant and sophisticated. You can do a matte or a high-gloss black and either tend to work well in Hamptons design. Some homes will use the front door as a way to add a pop of colour as well, such as having a door that’s blue or even red since the rest of the exterior colour palette is likely to be neutral.

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Interior Designer -  Amy Spargo from Maine House Interiors

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Garage Doors

As far as garage doors, consider statement-making doors with timber panelling. That really makes them a focal point. Many of the design elements you can consider incorporating into your front door can also work well for the garage including symmetry, oversized light fixtures, and potted plants. An awning over garage doors can also function well for Hamptons exterior style.

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Internal Doors

Overall, the objectives for exterior Hamptons style are very similar to what you want to achieve indoors. You want something that’s classic, enduring in style, and also feels like a place that’s inviting and warm.

Panelled and barn style doors are popular choices to achieve Hamptons style.


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We hope you have been inspired with these classic Hamptons style entry doors, garage doors and internal doors.


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