Hamptons Charm in Woodend, Victoria


We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Kerrie Grant, to help furnish her stunning Hamptons style home in Woodend, Victoria.

After having lived and worked in Boston some years ago, Kerrie knew that she loved the New England aesthetic. Kerrie was in the midst of working on a renovation of a home purchased 11 years before and she wanted to focus on both quality as well as functionality and livability.

Kerrie initially visited our showroom in Sydney and we talked through the style and design concept that she wanted to achieve. We went over Kerrie's floorplans and selected the pieces together.

We then worked together remotely and created tailored mood boards so that Kerrie could see how all the designs and colours would work together during the planning process.

The result is a refined home that offers chic comfort and elements inspired by New England and the Hamptons - significantly lower of what it would cost otherwise.



1. Can you tell us a little about the house you have furnished and the interior style you wanted to achieve?

I initially built the house 11 years ago and it was in need of a renovation as well as an extension to accomodate a growing family. The original quality of the home was not great, so the focus was really on uplift of quality as well as livability.

While working and living in Boston a number of years ago, I became very inspired by the New England style of homes and incorporated that into the design of the house. It was important that the interior be comfortable but elegant which is a style used in many New England homes.



2. You were able to come to Sydney from Victoria to visit our showroom and view the furniture and homewares. How did you then find working with Lavender Hill Interiors remotely to furnish your house?

Working with Lavender Hill Interiors from Woodend was a very enjoyable and seamless process. We had initially purchased some oak cross back stools prior to the renovation, and the quality was impressive.

As the renovation started to take shape, I kept getting drawn back to the interiors of Lavender Hill and eventually booked a night in Sydney.

The team were extremely helpful prior to the visit by reviewing floorplans and providing assistance with all my queries on the interior pieces. Once I was in Sydney we met before business hours at the showroom to select the appropriate interiors for the space.

3. Did you find the mood boards and styled images on the site helpful in choosing your furniture and homewares?

Being a visual person, I found the mood boards extremely useful in planning the look and layout of the rooms. It enabled me to see everything together and balance the colour, texture and statement pieces.

One of the customized mood boards we created for Kerrie

See All Our Mood Boards

4. Can you tell us how you found the quality and design of the pieces once you received them?

I had a real focus on quality throughout the whole building process and so the quality of the interiors was also very important.

The pieces from Lavender Hill Interiors are of exceptional standard, and everything is made well with a lot of attention to detail.

Each piece was then wrapped diligently to protect them through the shipping process, and So it an enjoyable experience unpacking everything!



 Kerrie's dining chairs  - Get the look with our Navy Linen Buttoned Dining Chairs (due in Feb 2020)

5. How was the process of ordering and the delivery of your order?

The ordering was a straight forward process; they are very quick to respond to email and easy to reach by phone. The service was outstanding and delivery was efficient and very cost effective.

We are really impressed with the comfort, quality and work ethic of Lavender Hill Interiors and would recommend them highly. Thank you for helping us make our house a home!

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We created a customized furniture and homewares package for Kerrie which was both time and cost effective.  Learn more about our customized furniture packages.


Here are all the pieces Kerrie chose to create her dream Hamptons home.



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