Make a Statement with Black and White Flooring


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Black and white flooring makes an impact and is a bold design choice, but at the same time, there’s something that’s inherently timeless about this motif. 


Sama Co. Interiors



Left: @thedesignfirmtx    Right: Ron Spro Photo


Whether your aesthetic is Hamptons, farmhouse, modern, neoclassical or any other design style, black and white flooring can work beautifully.



 Highgate House



 Left: Suzanne Kasler    Right: Erika Bonnell


If you want to make a bold statement, a black and white checked pattern is always a great design option.



 Jill Shevlin Design


It feels like something straight out of a beautifully designed old house, but you can update it and keep it modern at the same time, depending on the size of black and white tile you choose and the exact pattern and direction they’re laid in. 



 Left: Lynda Kerry    Right:  The Facinator


If you want the look of black and white flooring but you’re not sure about having it in a space that’s too large, why not a bathroom, sunroom, or foyer? 



 Left:  Jane Home Decor via Pinterest    Right: Asri Boutique and Spa



 Isaac Bailey photo,  CPDrewett Architect


 Design @ninamarienash and @doneasterling


You can also use black and white flooring in different ways outside of the home.  Use it to add interest to a pathway or veranda setting.








You can choose another geometric-style tile for modern elegance. Consider small tiles for a transitional twist. 



 @lets_stay_home_and _renovate


Along with choosing actual black and white tiles, another way to incorporate this flooring style into your home is custom stenciling. 



 Left:  @cuttingedsgestencils    Right:  Best 4 Flooring UK




Whatever you choose, the great thing about black and white flooring is that while it may have a dramatic appearance on its' own, you can also build your colour palette around it easily, no matter what it is. 



Left:  Pablo Sarabia    Right:  Design - Scheffer Interiors, Photo Brantley Photos


Design Susan Palma and Muffin Lema, Photo - Nathan Schroeder


We love a striking design feature in a home and we think that there isn't much that can go wrong with this black and white look for a stunning statement.

See below for Lavender Hill Interiors black and white pieces for styling in these wonderful rooms.





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