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Making Laundry a Little More Enjoyable

IMAGE: J Timothy Hance Aurchitects Steven Ford Design Photo Claretta Kaufman

Spending time in the Laundry 

Just a few years ago, not many people thought of their laundry room as a place that could be beautiful.

Laundry rooms were functional above everything else, but in the age of Pinterest, many people are looking to have impressive laundry areas. which are not only functional, but are lovely places to do the chores!

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We all spend more time than we might like in the laundry room, so it’s nice when it’s as beautiful as it is functional.  Make the time you spend folding or ironing or sorting as pleasant as possible!

IMAGE:  Elle Decor

IMAGE: @laurelberninteriors  

Creating your style

IMAGE: Marina Lieberman interiors

IMAGE:  @sanctuaryhomedecor 

Hamptons laundry rooms

Hamptons laundry rooms often carry over some elements of a Hamptons kitchen. For example, Shaker cabinetry and beautiful tiles are key.

Using natural rattan baskets and trays as storage also brings in a Hamptons aesthetic.

Letting in natural light is important, and pendant lights can become the focal point of a laundry room. 

IMAGE: Clothes Doctor UK

IMAGE: Marie Flanigan interiors

Shake it up and be bold

A laundry room can be different from a kitchen in the design experiments and risks you might be willing to take.

Hamptons design relies heavily on traditional and timeless features, but you can be bolder in a laundry room. Maybe you opt for an unexpected cabinet colour like sage green, or you add a pop of colour in the form of wallpaper. 

IMAGE: @laurelberninteriors

IMAGE:  Pinterest

IMAGE: Home Beautiful

Essential elements of the laundry

Natural stone materials like marble work nicely in a laundry room, as does plenty of storage so you can keep all of your laundry supplies out of view. If you have the space, an island is a nice addition for additional areas to fold and sort laundry, as is a farmhouse sink. 

IMAGE: Our French Country Farm

IMAGE: Three Birds Renovations

IMAGE: @sanctuaryhomedecor

We might not necessarily like going to the laundry room, but we can make it much more pleasant with beautiful design elements.  

See our basket collection that can assist in organisation in your laundry, as well as some decor pieces that will make it a pleasant place to be!



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