Welcome to our office - come and meet some of our staff!

We would like to introduce some of our team and share with you their roles at Lavender Hill and a little bit about their world.

Lavender Hill Interiors has navigated the difficult times over the past few years and come out the other side stronger. We have worked on creative ways to enable our customers to view our beautiful Hamptons style furniture and homewares and to feel confident purchasing large pieces online, via virtual showroom visits with FaceTime or Zoom.

Our staff have built strong relationships with customers and our team work hard and cohesively to ensure that all our pieces are delivered from our warehouse to your home in a timely manner so that you are happy with the result.

Some of you are lucky enough to be able to visit our showroom in Sydney and meet with one of our furniture consultants, or pick up from the warehouse and come into contact with our wonderful storemen.  

You may have had email communication from us after purchasing and also been in contact with our Logistics manager.  We wanted to you to get to know our team and maybe one day meet us in person!


Position: Co-owner and co-founder of Lavender Hill Interiors.  Mary works full time in our office. Mary is creative and passionate about the business. Placing a strong emphasis on design and functionality, Mary co-ordinates the design and production of all the furniture and homeware collections, as well as overseeing many other areas of the business.

What can't you live without?: Mary can't live without her i-phone, her 2 gorgeous 19 and 20 year old boys, husband and rest of her family ..... and of course her cavoodle Ruby (not in that order).

Name of fur baby:  Ruby, a Cavoodle.

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: Oak Console Table 3 Drawer.



Position: Logistics Manager

Morgan has been an integral part of Lavender Hill Interiors for 7 years.  Making a decision for a sea change, Morgan started working remotely about 3 years ago.  This made our Sydney lock down very easy, as the company was well practiced in remote working.  We didn't miss a beat.  

Morgan loves Lavender Hill Interiors as the flexibility it gives her is so important, as well as being truly appreciated and the work done doesn't go unnoticed.  

What can't you live without?: Morgan cannot live without her mum, dog and chocolate!

What do you do on the weekends?: Morgan enjoys watching the horse racing and all sport - but not only that, she enjoys horror movies while snuggling up to her dog Kash.

Name of fur baby: Kash, an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: Morgan can't select a Lavender Hill piece as she loves all the beautiful things we sell.  She would have to say though that the Roll Armchair is one that she often is found in at her home due to them being so large and comfy!



Position: Full time - social media co-ordinator and marketing/sales.  

Gayle has worked with Lavender Hill Interiors for 5 years and we simply cannot function without her! Gayle understands most areas of the business and is an invaluable member of the company. 

Gayle started working casually doing our social media when her children were younger, but now fits in full time work around her busy life - thanks to the flexibility of Lavender Hill Interiors. 

What can't you live without?:  Gayle needs plenty of natural light and space in her home.  She would find it difficult living without her dogs and family as well.  But light and space is a must!  

What do you do on the weekends?: Gayle plays golf at every opportunity available and can not wait to travel again.  A big part of Gayle's time off is spent with her children and fur babies.

Name of fur babies: Maggie - Labrador, Ted - a Golden Retriever and her newest baby Missy, another golden retriever. 

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: A difficult decision as Gayle says she has loved Lavender Hill pieces since she started working with the company. However she would have to say the Parquetry coffee table has been gorgeous addition to her home.




Position: Full time sales and customer service.  

With a background of sales and being on the road, an office job with her family now suits Bridgette's life perfectly.  

You may have met Bridgette if you have visited our showroom or phoned the office over the last 2 years.  Always calm and collected and with a beautiful smile, Bridgette has moved with the flow of face to face sales to online and virtual sales.

With the ever changing world of being connected via screens, Bridgette has adapted many of our policies and sales features to online functions.  

What do you do on the weekends?:  Bridgette likes to spend time with her 2 children and husband.  Always active, she enjoys kayaking in Botany Bay and is always taking part in sporting challenges.  

Name of fur baby: Amber, a Cavoodle.

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture:  Duck Egg Blue Roll Armchair.



Position:   Full time working in homewares, Angela manages to send out, keep track of and run our busy homewares department.  With an eye for detail Angela does not allow any fault or mark get passed her scrutiny, 

The best ever homewares manager!  Angela came to us via a recommendation - and we are so grateful for that recommendation.

What do you do on the weekends? Angela is busy with her family of 3 boys under 12, 3 pets and her husband.  With all her dependents, Angela still finds time to binge watch Netflix while snuggling with one of her boys or pets!

Name of fur babies:  Dash (cattle dog and staffy), Astro and Archie, her cats,

What can't you live without?: COFFEE!!

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture:  Roll arm sofasand the Small Rattan Armchair.  



Position: Full time warehouse storeman. Ignacio checks every piece of furniture to make sure it is flawless before we send it to our customers.

Ignacio is from Chile and is always friendly and happy to assist with any job from helping us revamp the showroom to hanging pictures in the office. Ignacio, having helped move warehouses, knows our warehouse inside out and is an integral part of the team.

What do you do on the weekends? A passionate sky diver, Ignacio is definitely the one who likes an adrenaline rush - we can always tell on a Monday morning that he has been hurtling himself out of a plane with the smile it leaves on his face for at least 48 hours.  

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture:  Navy Linen Blanket box (plenty of storage for an international student)  


Position:Part time warehouse storeman. Working closely with all the other storemen, Pat ensures that each piece that is sent out is up to our high standard.

Cheerful and ever helpful Pat.  Nothing is too hard, too heavy or too difficult for Pat.  Originally from Victoria and now studying finance and accounting full time in  Sydney, Pat brings with him to our warehouse an exceptional work ethic and understands what our customers want.  

What do you do on the weekends? He loves basketball and hanging out with his friends.  Looking forward to the world opening, he wants to travel and experience other cultures and communities.

Name of fur babies: Summer & Indi, Collies.

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: 3m Parquetry dining table.


Position: Part time sales & customer service.

With a strong retail sales background, Susie joined Lavender Hill Interiors at the height of our Sydney lockdown.  Adapting to our computer systems easily, Susie is fantastic with customers and is a valuable member of our LHI family.

What do you do on the weekends? A keen golfer and tennis player, Susie manages to fit work in now that her 2 girls are at uni away from home.  

What's the best thing about working at LHI? The best thing she thinks about working at Lavender Hill Interiors is the beautiful light, airy office and showroom, as well of course as the wonderful team we have.

What can't you live without? Gin and Tonic and loves to enjoy this at a Harbour side venue at a long lunch.  (yes please!!)

Name of fur baby: Honey, a Jack Russell and Chihuahua cross.

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: Susies favourite pieces, which she has in her home, are the Navy and Oak bedhead and Valance.  



Position:Full time warehouse storeman. Oversees all work in the warehouse and checks and packs our beautiful furniture so it arrives to you in perfect condition.

Angus joined Lavender Hill Interiors during our Sydney lockdown. Showing a great work ethic and so easy to get along with, Angus has become a valuable team player, very quickly adapting to our warehouse routine and knowledge of furniture.  

What do you do on the weekends? Angus plays basketball, video games and hangs out with friends fishing and camping.  

What can't you live without?  While he loves the staff and the job, Angus cannot live without the weekend.  

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: White sideboard.



Position:Part time homewares packer.

Antonella has only recently joined us but is a valuable addition to our team, working with Angela in the homewares department. Antonella has great attention to detail and a strong work ethic.

What do you do on the weekends? As well as enjoying her work environment and the people she works with, Antonella has a strong connection to the beaches in Sydney and loves time at the beach.

What can't you live without?:  Angela cannot live without her phone and loves being with her children.  

Name of fur baby: Dolly, a toy poodle - is the smallest, cutest member of the Lavender Hill fur baby family!

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: Bobbin Chair.  


Position:Part time sales & customer service.

With a background in business, retail and marketing, Fiona brings to Lavender Hill a wealth of knowledge in this area.  Fiona says the best thing about working at Lavender Hill Interiors is the vibrant, intelligent and fun staff.  

What do you do on the weekends? Fiona enjoys swimming at our Sydney beaches and spends a lot of time with her family.

What can't you live without? Fiona cannot live without her sunglasses as she is often outdoors walking with her 2 dogs.  

Name of fur babies: LuLu is a Maltese Cross and Bingo is a Bichon Frise.

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: Fiona's idea of relaxation is sitting in Lavender Hill Interiors Roll Armchair and matching foot stool with a good book.  




Position: Part time sales & customer service.

Enza is the latest member of staff to join Lavender Hill Interiors.  We feel so lucky to have managed to have lured her away from her full time job at Country Road where she still manages a few shifts each week. Enza is organised and wonderful with customers.  I am sure you will meet her if you come into the showroom.

What's the best thing about working at LHI?  Enza is loving assisting our customers fill their homes with beautiful pieces. 

What do you do on the weekends? Enza has 2 adult boys who live close by and  who are her world.  She spends time with family and friends when not working.  She is a wiz on a sewing machine!

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: Enza could not decide which was her favourite Lavender Hill piece.  She said that she loved everything!



Position:Casual warehouse storeman.

Tom is one of our casual storemen who help in the warehouse as needed.  

Tom is studying full time at Sydney University and adds value to the warehouse when working with his easy going personality and dedication to the business. He also works back at his old school coaching and tutoring.

What do you do on the weekends?Playing basketball, going to the beach and hanging out with friends.

What can't you live without?:  Family & friends.

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture:  3 seater Navy roll arm sofaand the Duck egg blue ceramic lamp.  




Position:Casual warehouse storeman.

Nic works casually in our warehouse when required; usually after the arrival of a container.  Nick manages to entertain the whole office and warehouse when he comes in - we all know when he is working!  

What do you do on the weekends? Nick studies full time at UTS and loves friends, family and FOOD. 

What's the best thing about working at LHI?  Nic said the best thing about working at LHI is that he feels comfortable being himself.  

Name of fur baby: Crunchie, a cavoodle.

Favourite Piece of LHI furniture: Duck Egg blue Linen Buttoned dining chair.  


We do hope that one day you will visit us in our Sydney showroom or arrange an appointment to view the pieces you are interested in online.  

We will look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your beautiful Lavender Hill Interiors pieces.





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