Why Hire Furniture To Sell Your Home When You Can Buy & Keep Gorgeous Hamptons Furniture for the Same Price

The Australian real estate market has been showing signs of weakening for some time due to the tighter lending requirements and consumer confidence decreasing. According to reports, Sydney homes are on the market for an average of 71 days, which is up 27 days from a year ago. Melbourne homes stay on the market for an average of 52 days. 

Home owners are looking for ways to speed up the process to sell their home, and they’re finding one of the best ways is to style it. This can include decluttering, but also bringing in pulled together furniture and accessories.

Homebuyers want to feel an emotional connection when they walk into a home, and they also want to be able to visualise what it will be like to live there, and what better way to do that than introducing beautiful furniture and accessories?

While styling a home before selling it can allow you to see an excellent return on investment, it can be expensive. In fact, it can be upwards of $10,000 to have a stylist stage your home and then rent the furniture, which of course then has to be returned.

There’s another solution, however.

Lavender Hill Interiors offers 25 pre-styled furniture and accessory packages that are affordable, efficient, and are beautifully designed to appeal to buyers. Plus, home sellers can keep the furnishings and accessories. You can also make up your own furniture package to suit your home.

Customers have recently spoken about their experiences with the Lavender Hill Interiors furniture packages, specifically for purposes of selling their home.


Helen from Warrawee, NSW

"After receiving a huge estimate for ‘styling’ to sell my house, I styled with Lavender Hill Interiors instead. I now have a whole house of stylish, beautiful quality and co-ordinated furniture that I can keep forever instead of just 6 weeks. The service from this business is really great - the two owners are happy to try and help in any way they can, the delivery was stress free and the prices are seriously competitive. Highly recommended, particularly for busy people who don’t have the spare hours needed to find furniture and accessories that look perfect together." 


Louise from Brisbane, QLD

"Instead of paying stylists we furnished our house with reasonably priced pieces from Lavender Hill and after the move were able to take them to the new house. They suited both properties with all the fabrics and styles clean and fresh and coordinating, and many accessories to dress them up - a one stop shop for anyone who doesn't have time to do this sort of shopping for themselves. All the products feel solid and are beautiful quality and the owners couldn't have been more helpful putting our order together and getting it all delivered to us." 


Furniture packages include bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Along with the professional styling, the room packages are typically below $3,000. The designer-curated packages include items at affordable prices, and they can be customised.



A furniture package is a different take on home styling, but one that more and more sellers are likely to embrace in a changing real estate market.

Our packages are professionally curated, so they provide the look of a designer-planned space, in a way that’s both time and cost-effective. 


Take the time to browse our complete furniture packages featuring classic French & Hamptons furniture and homewares.  



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