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Styling Small Spaces

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Lavender Hill Interiors French Louis Chair, 2 Seater Natural Linen Hamtpons Sofa and Mark D. Sikes La Mirada Cotton Rug

Comfort and style are vital elements of any living room, as it is the space where the family comes together and welcomes others into their home. However, designing a room with limited floor space may pose a challenge even to the most seasoned stylists.

But, as with any challenge, working with a small area opens up creative design possibilities you may have never considered with a large room. Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks.

1. Plan and declutter

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This step is a given, but it's worth mentioning given the task. Maximising a small space's potential lies first in eliminating clutter and defining a clear vision of what you want out of your room. 

For instance, a living room focused on entertaining needs emphasis on clean surfaces and adequate seating. In contrast, those who envision it primarily as a family lounge may require more consideration for storage. 

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Lavender Hill Interiors French Provincial 2 seater Sofa

Lavender Hill Interiors White Sideboard

Lavender Hill Interiors White Hamptons Mirror

2. Create an illusion of space 

Create the illusion of an ample space through light and neutral colours. Keep your room from feeling cramped through lots of light: oversized windows for natural light, stylish table lamps, and pin lights over key areas. Mirrors also do wonders for filling the room with light, making it look bigger than it is. 

Lavender Hill Interiors selection for monochromatic and neutral colour palette to create an illusion of space

Lavender Hill Interiors - White Coast Lamp, Glass Urn Lamp and Natural Wool and Cashmere throw

3. Use elegant, space-saving furniture

Lavender Hill Interiors 1.2m Round Hamptons Dining Table and cross back chairs 

Naturally, the size calls for more compact furniture, like two-seater sofas, sleek armchairs, round dining tables or even upholstered chairs.

Still, comfort should not be sacrificed to maximise the space. Plush cushions, soft throws, and large rugs can bring the coziness essential to every living room. 

Lavender Hill Interiors selection for space saving furniture

Lavender Hill Interiors - White Hampton Coffee table and Blue Striped Linen Bobbin Chair and 2 Seater Duck Egg Blue Linen Roll Arm Sofa.

4. Embrace vertical space

For additional storage and design possibilities, mounted shelves and tasteful wall decor give depth to the room without eating up more floor space. Framed paintings or organised open shelves on a wall — painted in an accent hue — can anchor the room, giving it a distinct feature.

Having open shelves also trains us to minimise clutter, as everything is on full display for guests to see.

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Lavender Hill Interiors selection  for an open bookshelf to embrace and decorate the vertical space

Lavender Hill Interiors Framed Coral Prints, Suri Vase, Marble Pears, Ceramic Imperial Bird, Faux Hydrangea and Rattan Tray

5. Consider multi-purpose furniture

For small spaces, having multifunctional furniture is fundamental! Storage shelves that double as side tables or sturdy coffee tables with a bottom shelf and set of drawers give the room a dynamic feel while meeting all your functional needs.

A console table, a staple in every living room, perfectly captures this role. A two-drawer piece adds sufficient storage space for small living rooms without taking up too much room.

Lavender Hill Interiors selection for space saving multi functional furniture

Lavender Hill Interiors White 2 Drawer Console Table & White TV Cabinet

The most important thing to remember is that a living room, however large, is for living. Hence, a thoughtful furniture selection maximises the space while maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort. 

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