Lavender Hill Interiors decor pieces - Forest Green LampOrchid in Ivory Pot, Marble Pear with  Marble Lotus Plate and White Ceramic Pinecone

Décor pieces can be anything, from vases, lamps, cushions, throws,and more. Anything that can be a seemingly small addition to your design is a décor piece, and ultimately they bring a room to life. 

Why We Use Decor Items

Your home décor reflects your personality, your interests, and your personal style and aesthetic. 

Lavender Hill Interiors White Circle Stool and Faux Blue Hydrangea Bunch

 When you add carefully curated décor pieces, you’re also creating a space where you enjoy spending your time. It’s much more than just having things that look pretty, although that’s nice too.

White Coast Lamp on Lavender Hill Interiors Oak Console table 

From a design standpoint, décor pieces add depth, visual interest, and often texture and colour. 

You might add décor items that create a certain sense of warmth and cosiness, that reflect something you love, like nature or florals, or it could be that you add décor as a way to reinforce your design style, like coastal or Hamptons.

Décor pieces are the finishing touches on your home; they pull it together, complement one another and everything else in your home, as well as tell a story that is you. 

We encourage you to shop our collection of decor items; all seen above and more - and see what speaks to you. 


What our customers are saying:

Review of Whitewash Rattan Tray by
Kerrie-Lee 15/08/22


Stunning! Stunning! Substantial sized trap in a beautifully toned rattan. Looks fabulous on my coffee table coralling all the magazines and other paraphernalia that gathers there. Great quality and fast delivery.

Review of White Hydrangea Stem by
Christine F  30/12/21


Delivery was very fast and the hydrangeas are beautiful, such good quality

Review of Duck Egg Blue Jug by
Jennifer S 02/04/22


Beautiful piece, gorgeous colour, subtle dimpling gives added texture. Very happy with my purchase.

Review of Dynasty Ceramic Stool by
 Maggie K 06/08/20


I absolutely love my ceramic stool it looks elegant in my bedroom. It compliments my duck egg blue bed ottoman, it just completes the Hamptons Style that I was wanting to create. It is also good for hiding my NBN power point. Very stylish, thank you for your help ladies always ready to help. Will be back soon. Maggie


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