The Enduring Beauty of the Hydrangea in the Hamptons


When it comes to Hamptons style, interior and exterior, there’s perhaps no better natural inspiration than the hydrangea.


Photo - @anantucketsummer  


Photo - left and right: @anantucketsummer. 


There’s something that’s both welcoming and breathtaking about arriving at a classic Hamptons or Cape Code-style home and seeing a grand doorway flanked on either side by voluminous hydrangea bushes. 



 Photo - Pinterest



 Photo left: Old Silver Shed, Right: @anantucketsummer


Photo - Paul Bangay 


In shades of cream, blue, lavender, and pink, these bushes signify coastal beauty and charm.



Photo Left: @gncgarden, Right:  @the_welcoming_home



Photo - Left: @explorecharleston, Right: @anantucketsummer


Photo - @havensent_


Hydrangeas allow you to bring colour into your landscaping or interior design while maintaining a sense of refined elegance. Their blooms make a statement in and of themselves, and they provide a rich sense of natural texture. 



 Photo - Southern Living Magazine



 Photo - Old Silver Shed


Hydrangeas tend to be grown in a more free form style than the traditional, well-manicured shrubs that find their place alongside the hydrangeas in most Hamptons gardens. 



 Photo - Southern Living Magazine



 Photo - Ingrid Brown



 Photo - Sao Miguel


Whether you use them to create a wall of flowers, you let them spill gracefully onto walkways, or you add potted hydrangeas on your porch, they’re simply stunning to look at. 


Photo - @magical_hydrangea 


 Photo - @anantucketsummer


You aren’t confined to only using them in your exterior landscape and garden design, either. 



Photo - @mr_vili_and_the_westies



 Photo - Left: Southern Living Magazine, Right: @mydomaine



 Photo - @anantucketsummer


 Photo - @eziquio


 Photo - Old Silver Shed


We bring our love for all-things hydrangea into our home décor items, including our lovely prints and no-maintenance faux florals that capture the beauty of these flowers. 




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