Lavender Hill Interiors French Provincial Living Room Package including Sofa, Louis Armchair and Linen Buttoned Ottoman

Imagine sipping a glass of wine on a rustic terrace, surrounded by rolling vineyards and quaint villages—the essence of the French countryside is a captivating blend of timeless charm and relaxed elegance. If you've ever yearned to bring a touch of this rustic allure into your own living space, you're in for a treat. In this blog, we'll explore three delightful ways to transport the warmth and simplicity of the French countryside right into the heart of your home.

1. by using naturally distressed wood with timeless fabric patterns

2. by the use of deocr pieces and

3. by adding texture

No 1 - Use naturally distressed oak with classic patterns such as Buffalo Check

Use naturally distressed furniture - The ambiance of the French countryside is one of easy and practical living. This is where the sturdy wooden panels of elegant furniture mixed with fabric patterns such as Buffalo Check fits perfectly. This combination evokes simplicity and rustic charm.  Which in turn adds to the nostalgia, and authenticity of a French country home. Worn paint, carved wood details, and even small flaws that come with use are perfect accents for the farmhouse look.


Lavender Hill Interiors Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Wingback Armchair styled with Oak Side table with Shelf

No 2 - Adding Decor

To your rustic oak furniture pieces add flowers, books and old ceramic accessories - Soft tones of lavender, greens, and sky blue are the colors of a French farmhouse-inspired home. You can complete the idyllic feel of that era by including home accessories such as rattan baskets, stone and ceramic urns and gorgous throws. This touch of vintage reinforces the classic appeal of farmhouse styling.

Lavender Hill Interiors Oak Square Coffee table 

rattan basket copy.png__PID:251a8376-200d-4747-8925-46a44d5b45fb

Lavender Hill Interiors Rattan Basket

sage throw.png__PID:5edfcd03-bab5-40d5-9823-550f52df95d9

Lavender Hill Interiors Sage Wool & Cashmere Hamptons Reversible Throw

No 3 - Add texture

Textures will bring your French farmhouse full circle - Farmhouse styling hails from hard work of industrious villagers during the Renaissance period.  Rustic pieces with soft decor will add that quaint, rustic charm to your interiors. Rule of thumb to follow in French farmhouse styling - it is centered on accepting the beauty of imperfect textures, the abundance of delicate details, and most importantly, bringing the colour of the outdoors into the home with fabrics and texture.   

Lavender Hill Interiors Oak Bedside Table - French Style

The Lavender Hill Interiors Buffalo Check Wingback and Roll Armchair

The association of a buffalo gingham armchairs with French country style likely stems from the use of classic patterns and rustic elements commonly found in this design aesthetic. Buffalo gingham, a checkered pattern often featuring larger squares, exudes a cozy and casual feel that aligns with the relaxed and inviting atmosphere of French country decor. The wingback style, characterized by its high back and winged sides, adds a touch of traditional elegance, which is a hallmark of French country design and the warm and welcoming ambiance of a French country interior. The Roll Armchair is a piece that drawes the user to comfort and luxuary sinking into a cozy and warm seating experience.

The amalgamation of these Armchairs and the Buffalo Gingham creates a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication, making the buffalo check  armchair a fitting choice for those seeking to capture the quintessential charm of French country style in their living spaces.

Natural buffalo check roll armchair & foot stool.jpg__PID:fa93257a-065e-4768-be5c-a3e5aca769e6

Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Linen Buffalo Check Roll Armchair with matching Foot Stool

Lavender Hill Interiors French Farmhouse dining table

The farmhouse table is an essential in French country homes - rustic, time worn, and always large enough to accommodate family and friends. It is the perfect meeting point for hearty breakfasts, big family gatherings at home, and those many moments that in the future, will bring a nostalgic smile to your face.

Our classic quintessentially French farmhouse style dining table features double pedestal legs joined by a stretcher and is crafted from solid oak with the highest attention to detail. Natural imperfections and markings in the oak make each table unique. These features are by no means defects but part of the beauty of this rustic farmhouse table.It’s timeless form and easy strength makes it versatile as an informal family kitchen table teamed with cross back oak dining chairs or as a more formal setting with our linen tufted dining chairs.

Lavender Hill Interiors French Farmhouse Dining Room Package with Oak Cross back dining chairs

Lavender Hill Interiors French Louis Armchair

Placed within the confines of a French Country style home, the Louis armchair becomes a focal point, effortlessly merging with the muted color palette and rustic textures characteristic of the style. Its ornate frame and plush cushioning invite residents and guests alike to indulge in comfort while basking in the refined ambiance that only a French Louis armchair can evoke.

The Lavender Hill Interiors French Louis Armchair is hand made and features gracefully curved legs, a solid oak frame with pure linen upholstery and a feather and foam cushion seat. It is beautifully crafted and would look elegant in the bedroom or living room or even entry way of the French Country Style Home.  
We have crafted these chairs with a traditional Natural linen as well as our signiture striped blue linen.  

Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Linen Louis Armchair

Lavender Hill Interiors French Country style furniture

Lavender Hill Interiors, while known essentially for our Hamptons Style Furniture, has a few cross over pieces to lend itself to French Country Style living.  We also cross over into coastal style and classic style decor.  Ask our staff for assistance to create your perfect style living space.  Connect to the website to book a virtual stylling appointment if you can not make it to the showroom in person.


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