Tips & Inspiration on Styling and Blue & White Ginger Jars and Vases

Chinoiserie is a style that originated in Asian culture in the 14th century and eventually made its way to Europe, where the cultures came together and were represented in this signature style. Chinoiserie is probably best described as a European approach to Asian culture.

High-end interior design aesthetics seem to almost always include elements of chinoiserie, because it’s so chic and versatile. It can be integrated into a French or Hamptons-style design as easily as it can be added in a transitional space or even a modern aesthetic. Ceramic chinoiserie pieces are easily the most recognisable aspects of this style, with their distinctive blue and white patterns.

So how can you style chinoiserie ceramic accessories like ginger jars and vases? 


In French and Hamptons-inspired designs there tends to be a focus on beautiful, substantial pieces of oak furniture such as console tables, entry tables and dining tables. These pieces of furniture ground a room and lend to a natural look and feel but sometimes you want to balance these pieces out with something that feels just a bit more feminine.

Ceramic chinoiserie works well on table tops because it can give it a lighter, more delicate feel which goes well with the lines of many tables that are distinctive in both Hamptons and French style. A grouping with varying patterns and heights can work well on table tops, including coffee tables entryway tables.


Hand painted Chinoiserie panels by artist Allison Cosmos

Get the look from Lavender Hill


You might even opt to use chinoiserie ceramic jars and vases on your dining room table as a centrepiece.

Interior Designer: Lynda Kerry


Get the look from Lavender Hill



When you’re styling table top chinoiserie jars and vases, you can keep it simple and let the pieces be the focus, or you can make them part of a collection of other items.

For example, put them on top of a favourite stack of coffee table books or couple them with other treasures, which will provide a warm, lived in look and feel.

Interior Designer - Amy Spargo from Maine House Interiors

Get the look from Lavender Hill





What’s great about chinoiserie ginger jars and vases is the fact that they are so versatile. A grouping can go almost anywhere in your home including not just on tables, but on sideboards or kitchen benchtops as well.

Interior Designer: Lynda Kerry



When you’re grouping them, it can be visually interesting to go for different heights and patterns, which feels effortless and easy.  You can also opt for complete symmetry such as one jar or vase on either side of a table or grouped together if you want it to feel streamlined, balanced and classic.




Finally, there’s one more way you can put the focus on your chinoiserie collection, and that’s on display. If you want something to display in your dining room or a more formal area of your home, you can add the blue and white collection to your China cabinet, which will be a different twist on a typical flatware.

You can also think about putting them in varying places on a shelf, interspersed with favourite books and collectibles. Or even on a kitchen bench or bathroom vanity.

Interior Designer: Lynda Kerry

Interior Designer: Lynda Kerry



If you have a farmhouse-inspired sideboard or cabinet made from a rustic wood, chinoiserie can go on display here as well to infuse a bit of elegance to the rustic style. Or on a mantle piece for a chic display.



Photos, unless credited, are all via Pinterest.





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