Spectacular Transformation of A Hamptons Style Home by TLC Interiors

Chris Carroll heads up TLC Interiors and is also a successful blogger and TV presenter based in Melbourne. Having hosted segments on Sunrise, The Morning Show and Sky News, Chris is well known for his design work, and he was also an on-air designer for Changing Rooms.

Chris has a style blog with more than 60,000 readers a month, where he lets the audience in on his trade tips and tricks for designing a space, what the trends are, and how to source décor and furniture.

While Chris is incredibly busy, we were lucky to be able to sit down and speak with him about the completion of one of his most recent projects in Camberwell in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, from a dark, dull space to a fresh, light, chic Hamptons oasis.

The project artfully pulls from coastal and Hamptons inspiration because of a love his clients have for that particular aesthetic.

1. What was your design inspiration for the project?

The inspo always comes from the client and what they want to achieve. And they were such funny, joyous clients, so I wanted it to be a true reflection of their personalities. The main goal was to brighten the spaces and make the property feel like home. It was a bit of a dark empty shell before I worked my magic on it.



Chris used our White Square Coffee Table 

2. Did the owner have a specific design aesthetic that they wanted to achieve?

The clients loved traditional Hamptons, so I wanted to give them that but modernise it a little. Some classic moments (like ginger jars and coral) but then mix in some more modern design elements so it didn't feel too themed.

3. What was the most challenging part of the process?

This was such a labour of love, so there were no challenges. The clients were the sort of clients you want to hang out with, and the home was so gorgeous in the end I didn't want to leave. So that was the challenging - leaving!



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4. Which room in the house is your favourite?

The open plan living and dining turned out so well. You walk into it and it just feels so airy and ethereal. There was an ambience created through the paint, light furniture and window treatments. And it just feels very approachable and comfy.



It’s exciting to watch Chris’s career as he not only continues to be the creative force behind his design firm, but also a well-known personality in the décor and interior design world.

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