Transforming a Bathroom with Wallpaper

If you're looking for a simple and cost-effective way to completely transform the look and feel of a bathroom in your home, consider using wallpaper. Over the past few years, wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the design industry, especially in bathrooms.


Lavender Hill Interiors Bloom Wallpaper

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The Bonus of Wallpaper

Wallpaper provides a way to bring in texture, colour, and visual interest in a way that remains clean and elegant. The bathroom is an ideal place to expand your design horizons and experiment with wallpaper.

Bathrooms, whether it's a powder room or full bath, are a space that's small enough to create a visual impact using wallpaper, but it won't become overwhelming. It can add some originality to an otherwise often-overlooked space.

Functional Advantages

Cost Saving

There are functional advantages to wallpaper in a bathroom, as well as design benefits. For example, it tends to last longer than paint and hide imperfections more easily. It's also likely to be significantly less expensive than tiling the same area would be.


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Add a Wow Factor

Wallpaper can give a wow factor that's difficult to achieve with any other design detail, creating something distinctive and one-of-a-kind. There's a sense of versatility with wallpaper that comes with the character it adds.

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Creating Artwork

You can achieve almost any design objective with wallpaper in and out of the bathroom, including bringing in more pops of colour or natural elements, adding a sense of tranquility, or even letting a wall serve as a piece of art within a room.

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Design Advantages

Compared to a painted surface that's inherently flat, wallpaper tends to have a spatial element that can lend itself to making a room feel smaller or larger, depending on your needs. 

Wallpaper with a larger print and darker colours can make a space feel more cosy and inviting, while smaller patterns and lighting can help it feel larger, more open, and airier. You can also add space in a room by choosing wallpaper with a sense of volume. For example, the floral patterns in our wallpaper collection have a depth and dimension that add to a room's sense of space.

Use Wallpaper as a distraction

Using wallpaper can help mask unappealing architectural elements or highlight features of a bathroom you love. For example, if you have very clean lines that sometimes feel harsh in a space, florals are useful here, as they can tone those lines down a bit and soften the room.

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Lavender Hill Interiors Wallpaper

Our wallpaper collection is based around the prints of some of our most beloved patterns, including bloom, spring floral, blue hydrangea, and our subtle lakeside pattern. See how you can transform your bathroom by adding wallpaper from Lavender Hill Interiors.

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Fun Facts About Wallpaper

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Origins in Ancient China: Wallpaper has a rich history dating back to ancient times. The Chinese are credited with creating the first wallpapers around 200 B.C. These early versions were made by gluing rice paper onto walls and then painting intricate designs. The popularity of wallpaper later spread to Europe during the 16th century.

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In England, wallpaper became fashionable in the 17th century. London became a center for wallpaper production, and it was used to decorate the homes of the aristocracy. The French also played a significant role in the development of wallpaper, with Paris becoming a hub for high-quality wallpaper production.

spoonflower - Neutral Pop Doodle Dogs Small Scale Wallpaper

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Initially, wallpaper was a luxury item, hand-painted or block-printed, and often quite expensive. As printing technology advanced, wallpaper became more affordable and accessible to a wider audience.  Wallpaper is now used worldwide and has become a decor accessory to all different styles of interior design styles including fun and cheeky designs.

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