Windows to the World in a Hamptons Home

 Architect - Hebdon Studios, Builder - Robinson Home Builders, Photo - Rebecca Westover Photography


If you’re in the process of designing your home, or you’re going to do a remodel, and you aspire to capture Hamptons beauty, your windows should be something you focus on.


Image via @verandahhouse


If you’ve browsed photos of Hamptons homes, you’ve likely seen that windows are a focal point in every room. 


 Image via Country Life Magazine


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Windows provide you with a flow of natural light, and they can serve as an architectural feature in and of themselves.



Left: Image via Park and Oak Design.   Right: Image via Scheffer Interiors 


You will often see double-hung windows with Colonial-style details in Hamptons homes.


Image via @elementstyle



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Windows with grids, often seen in a Hamptons home, give that perfect traditional look without blocking light.



 Left: Image via Tuxedo Farmhouse   Right: Photo - Gre Premru

Photo - Aimee Mazzenga, Design - Mitzimaynard


French doors and bi-fold doors are also frequently used in Hamptons homes. They give that opportunity to blend indoor and outdoor living while remaining elegant and ensuring plenty of natural light regardless of the season.



Left: Vale Garden Houses.     Right: Wadia Associates


Windows and door are also often used as an internal design feature of a Hamptons home.   

Photo: Kim Dolva


Image via @beckiowens 


On the external windows - classic trim work frames windows without taking away from what they showcase outdoors.



Left and Middle: PSD Architects and Builders Right: @fortheloveofoldhouses


Floor-to-ceiling windows are also common in Hamptons homes, again because they blur the line between what’s indoors and what’s outside.  



Design: Charles Hilton Architects 


You’ll frequently see Hamptons homes without any window coverings at all, but if they do have coverings they might be naturally inspired woven shades or floor-to-ceiling draperies that can be pushed to the side for the flow of natural light.


Design: Tristan Harstan 


 Image from Bespoke Real Estate



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What’s so important with windows in a Hamptons home is that nothing, from the view to the light, is obstructed or blocked in any way if possible.



Left: @oldsilveshed.   Right: Sita Montgomery Interiors 


Image via Rebecca Westover Photography


Left: Architect - Walton AE, Interior - Lauren Nelson Design Right: Peter Block Design, Emily Followill Photography 


With expansive windows, the outdoors and the natural surroundings very much become a part of the interior design of the home.


Image via @aerin


Windows are a source of admission for both light and air.  Why not make them an architectural feature of your home.  Blend the relationship between the interiors and exteriors.  Make your windows stand out in your home and feel like you are at one with the outdoors while you are in!


Image via @laurendeloachinteriors @mm_photo_inc 

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