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Chest Of Drawers

Hamptons Chest of Drawers

The refined Hamptons interior design style instils a feeling of calmness and tranquility into any environment. The timeless combination of beach-inspired décor and timber furniture features neutral tones accented by tones of blue and white. Our Hamptons Chest of Drawers give you the look of a designer planned space at an affordable price. We'll help you create the perfect Hamptons themed rooms, whether it's a room or two, a whole home renovation, or designing your dream house in the construction stage. If you know you love Hamptons style but don't know how to pull it off, we're here to assist you create a beautiful, Hamptons inspired house to be proud of.

How To Implement Our Hamptons Style Chest of Drawers

The key to a well put together house is plenty of storage while maintaining your ideal aesthetics. Storage is essential particularly in the bedroom. Our Hamptons style drawers are a terrific way to keep your personal belongings organised while providing endless decorating options. Whether you need a space for your socks and underwear, accessories, or bedding, our Hamptons Chest of Drawers are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Besides being an effective storage system the Hamptons Chest of Drawers can be functional as a TV stand or bedside table. As a result, it is a multi-functional piece of furniture that is not limited to the bedroom.

What To Consider Before Buying Hamptons Drawers

A Hamptons Chest of Drawers can be an excellent focal piece in your bedroom. In comparison to a closet or a bed, a Hamptons style chest of drawers is compact. It's simple to display your individual style and personality in the bedroom. It's important to consider the space where you want to display the product to ensure the correct size. Lavender Hill’s Oak Chest of Drawers comes in three sizes 6 drawer, 5 drawer and the smaller 4 drawer. A tall chest of drawers will provide more storage while taking up minimal space, ideal for people with smaller bedrooms. The smaller size is perfect for a dressing table to pair with our bedside tables, as not just an organisational tool but also a perfect way to display jewellery and other decorative pieces. When considering what size you need space is key, no one wants to feel cramped in their bedroom or living room.

The material used to make the chest of drawers has a significant impact on the overall design and feel of the room. Lavender Hill’s Hamptons Chest of Drawers come in a timeless oak tone that not only looks great in both modern and traditional settings, but it's also durable and long-lasting. You can buy our Hamptons Chest of Drawers in our furniture packages to serve as bedside tables or mix and match each piece individually. Just make sure they match in terms of style and appearance.

A new piece of furniture can be an expensive investment. Take your time selecting the perfect hamptons style chest of drawers to suit your existing home aesthetics. The chest of drawers should be suitable for you in terms of style, size, and function. Browse our Hamptons Chest of Drawers online, to find furniture that mixes timeless designs with organisational solutions!


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