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Coffee Tables

Hamptons Style Coffee Tables

With this lounge area centrepiece, you can bring a timeless and Hamptons style appeal to your living spaces. A Hamptons Coffee Table is designed in the familiar blues, whites and neutral tones, which is sophisticated but fits perfectly with a minimal aesthetic. A Hampton Coffee Table has a timeless and flexible appearance that will complement any home. The Hamptons Coffee Tables from our range pull together your living spaces with a coastal yet classic flavour. It is an ideal piece of furniture for achieving the relaxed luxury of Hamptons design. Lavender Hill offers a variety of elegant pieces from oak and white provincial coffee tables to softer more luxurious linen ottomans and centerpieces.

How To Style our Hamptons Coffee Table

To achieve a certain aesthetic, not only is the style of your Hamptons Coffee Table essential, but so is the table decor itself. The Hamptons Coffee Table is designed to be the focal point of the living room, the coffee table decor requires extra consideration. This means our Hamptons style tables should be paired with Hamptons style decor and decorative pieces that are both attractive and functional. This will tie together the overall room and help implement the classic coastal look and feel to your space. You can simply make your home seem more appealing by introducing design pieces such as bowls, flowers, candles, or coffee table novels. Styling a Hamptons Coffee Table is simple if you follow a few simple criteria, below are some recommendations and considerations.

What To Consider Before Buying Hamptons/ Provincial Coffee Tables.

Balance is important in Interior Design styling, as it is in many other areas. Nothing maintains balance like symmetry, whether it's achieved by combining geometric decor objects or by layering a frame. While layering items, it is critical to experiment with height and scale. Begin with a wooden tray or a stack of books to provide a good, even base for layering. Items such as candles, vases, and other ornamental pieces can show your individuality and style.

Consider the shape of your Coffee Table in terms of your existing living space and other furniture. A round coffee table can help to soften sharp lines and curves in the living room, and can be paired with different arrangements to help widen spaces. On the other hand, rectangular tables provide a great base to keep your living room symmetrical.

When done correctly, your Hamptons coffee table décor will create a gorgeous atmosphere while also serving as an engaging piece of furniture in your living room. Strive for Hamptons Coffee Table decor that is visually appealing but does not interfere with your existing pieces. Lavender Hill’s range of coffee tables will undoubtedly help you produce a space that compliments your home design and personality.

A new piece of furniture can be a costly purchase. Take your time choosing the ideal Hamptons style coffee table to complement your existing home decor. The coffee tables should be appropriate for you in terms of style, size and function. Explore our Hamptons Style Coffee Tables online to find furniture that combines living spaces with beautifully crafted designs.


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