Hamptons Desks

Hamptons style desks can be both a functional and aesthetic piece of furniture whether its for your bedroom, office or living room. Whether you like a black desk, white desk, or oak desk, our range of Hamptons style desks serves any of your needs.

Despite having a classic, sophisticated appearance, the wood accents and sleek panelling give the room a simple, classic aesthetic that is timeless. The best thing about Hamptons style desks is that they are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The drawers allow you to store personal items and clutter away so you can create a clean and fresh space to work in.


How To Style Your Hamptons Desk

Everybody has different preferences on how they want to style their Hamptons office desk. Some people require a clean desk to keep their thoughts, while others need a little bit of chaos to be creative. At Lavender Hill we have several Hamptons decor that can assist in styling your desk and creating a better working environment. Whether it's a comfy Hamptons Armchair or a funky Hamptons Lamp, there's plenty to choose from that can tie your space together. However, its important to not overdo it, less is more when it comes to desks. To prevent clutter on your desk, limit the number of personal decorations you have.

Another important factor to consider when styling your Hamptons desk is what colour you want based on your existing furniture. If your desk is in the living room, match it to your existing Hamptons Living Furniture, or if it’s in your bedroom, matching it to your Hamptons Bed Head will ensure a cohesive design. A contemporary desk can provide a striking element to the room. Make sure to choose a Hamptons desk that suits your personality from the wide range of design, model, and style options. Make an effort to select a Hamptons-style desk that blends in with your home's general decor.


What To Consider When Buying a Hamptons Style Desk

Start by evaluating the space that is available and your individual requirements in order to select the ideal Hamptons desk. The same goes for the size of your space and any additional furnishings you might add. This aids in determining the ideal size, also consider specific storage alternatives for both your personal and professional requirements. You may store things away and avoid clutter by using desks with lots of drawers and storage options. This will not only maintain the Hamptons style home office aesthetic, but will also improve and reduce stress in the workplace.

When buying a Hamptons office desk it's important to consider its use, will it be used for aesthetic purposes or simply functional. To increase your creativity and productivity, comfort should be one of your work desk's top priorities. Your Hamptons desk should be the right height for you so that you can work with healthy posture and have room for your legs. Lastly, consider the colour and design you’re after, for a modern and contemporary space choose our white Hamptons desk, on the other hand a wooden design is great for a timeless and classic home.


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