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Hamptons Stye Floral Cushions

When it comes to flower pillows, every pattern has its own personality that is expressed in size, colour, and style. These patterns also have the power to bring life to any room. Styling floral cushions introduces a touch of nature and vibrant energy to a living space, offering a delightful blend of charm and sophistication. Choose floral patterns that complement the colour palette of your decor, whether it's a Hamptons-inspired coastal theme or a more eclectic, bohemian look. Our selection of exquisite Hamptons floral cushions conveys a sense of timeless beauty and relaxation, whether you want to completely transform your home or just add a casual coastal-inspired look.


How To Style a Floral Cushion in Your Hamptons Home

When selecting floral cushions for a Hamptons home, consider elements that harmonise with the coastal elegance and timeless charm inherent in this style. Choose floral patterns that exude a relaxed, garden-inspired aesthetic, with a preference for soft, muted colours that seamlessly integrate with the Hamptons colour palette. Our floral cushions come in both simple pieces that are perfect for adding a touch of visual appeal or bigger bolder patterns like our Chinoiserie Bloom Cushions that are perfect for making a statement on a sofa or Hamptons dining chair!

To create cohesion, pull hues from the floral pattern and echo them in other elements of the room, our Hamptons wall art features a range of floral designs that work perfectly together. Large, painterly blooms or delicate, scattered florals can add a touch of natural sophistication to sofas, chairs, or outdoor lounges. Aim for a balance between the floral design and the overall simplicity of Hamptons design, ensuring that your floral cushions enhance rather than overwhelm the space. By selecting floral cushions thoughtfully, you can infuse the relaxed elegance of the Hamptons into your home while embracing the beauty of nature within your living spaces. The pieces pair beautifully on top of wood pieces like our Hamptons bed heads or dining chairs. The options are endless!


What To Consider Before Buying Hamptons Style Floral Cushions

Be sure to consider size when buying our floral cushion pieces. Our Hamptons cushions come in a variety of sizes, featuring small and large rectangle or square styles to pick from! It's no secret that a blend of relaxation and sophistication characterises Hamptons interior design, so mixing and matching various cushion sizes is crucial. The colour scheme you choose is also very important. While monochromatic arrangements can be elegant and alluring, arrangements that mix and match vibrant colours can also work great in a Hamptons home!


Buy Floral Cushions Australia Wide!

If you have a desire to create a Hamptons Style Interior but don’t know where to begin, cushions can be the perfect way to spice things up! To give you the appearance of a designer-planned room at a reasonable budget, Lavender Hill offers traditionally stylish floral cushions and furniture that is sure to enhance your space! You can shop our Floral Cushions Australia wide, selecting styles, sizing, colours and designs you like. With Lavender Hill you can create the foundation and focal point of a cosy place to land at the end of the day whether you like stripes, patterns or chinsorie styles! To check out our entire cushion collection click here!


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