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Hamptons Footstools

Put your feet up in comfort and style with one of our classic Hamptons footstools, perfect for creating a relaxing living space. With our linen blend furniture, you can unwind in casual comfort or spice up your living space with our decorate designs in florals and white piping to personalise your home. Our Hamptons footstools are made with premium materials and a contemporary Hamptons design to keep you comfy. Combine and match your Hamptons footstools to your existing Hamptons sofas or armchairs and create the home of your dreams!

Hamptons footstools have become a popular piece of furniture that have been specifically designed to compliment the Hamptons interior design. Combining wooden legs and luxury linen designs, they are the perfect touch for creating coastal elegance and comfort. Whether they are used in the living room, bedroom or office they are perfect for creating a warm and inviting setting for you to enjoy.

How To Style Your Hamptons Foot Stools

It's crucial to utilise your existing furniture in living rooms decorated in the Hamptons style to bring the room together. Using your current Hamptons decor is the simplest method to customise your Hamptons footstool. Use Hamptons-style cushions with matching prints or hues to complement the shape and design of your foot stool. By using your Hamptons footstool to create a lovely and welcoming focal point, you can give your living area the classic charm and seaside elegance that characterises the Hamptons style.

Our Hamptons footstools are the final addition to your Hamptons living room collection. Our footstools match with our existing Hamptons armchair and sofa designs so you can create a cohesive space. Consider the colour and finish of your existing sofas or armchairs in relation to the current furniture in your living space. To fit the Hamptons aesthetic, choose Hamptons footstools in a neutral or light tone to create a living space that is airy and inviting. Hamptons footstools are quite adaptable and can blend in with the current aesthetics and functionality of your home. This is fantastic for accommodating future modifications to your décor preferences and other living room designs. Our Hamptons footstools are all designed with premium linen, renowned for its luxury and classic appeal. The natural texture and subtle sheen of linen creates an effortlessly chic and stylish look that complements various interior design styles, including the Hamptons style.

What To Consider When Buying a Hamptons Footstool

It's important to take into account several factors when purchasing Hamptons footstools to make sure your design choice fits the Hamptons aesthetic, fulfils your unique requirements, and works perfectly with your existing decor. The Hamptons design is characterised by specific colours and designs,it's crucial to select a colour scheme that coordinates with the furnishings you already have. For instance if you have a striped linen sofa be sure to choose a design that compliments or matches it. Our collection includes timeless shapes, and a colour scheme consisting of calming pastels, soft neutrals and seaside blues. It's important to consider whether you want any decorative elements such as white piping trim, or decorative patterns, our Hamptons footstool range has several options. Lastly, our Hamptons footstools come in relatively similar styles however size is an important factor to consider. Work out the available space in your living room to determine your ideal size that works with your existing seating area. If you’re looking for more versatile shapes and designs our Hamptons Ottomans also come in different shapes and sizes!

Lastly, your Hamptons ottoman should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It's important to prioritise comfort. Consider the cushioning and padding of your Hamptons footstool, it should be comfortable enough to rest your feet on or sit on for short periods. View our entire collection to find the perfect piece for your Hamptons home. Lavender Hill offers classically chic Hamptons style furniture & homewares, to give you the look of a designer planned space at an affordable price!


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