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Hamptons Style Home Office

 Whether you're unsure of how to design an office space that blends in with your Hamptons property or just want to give your study a little Hamptons flair, we've got some ideas for you. While putting the finishing touches on your home office, take into account a few subtle cues to the traditional seaside ambience of a Hamptons home.

Lavender Hill has a variety of Hamptons office furniture including lamps, chairs and desks so you can create your ideal working environment that exudes the laidback, sophisticated and eccentric Hamptons style. Spark your creativity and surround yourself with our beautiful Hamptons style home office designs.

Hamptons Office Furniture - How To Style Your Hamptons Office.

Although the Hamptons design is simple, statement pieces are used to catch the eye and prevent things from becoming uninteresting. In the kitchen, it might be your Hamptons Bar Stools; in your Hamptons style office, it should be a Hamptons style desk. Choose a simple wooden desk like our Oak Hamptons Desk as wood is a great base and major component of the traditional Hamptons home. If you’re looking for a straightforward design but still want to incorporate fun through subtle details, an organic shaped desk such as our Oak French Style Desk is the perfect statement piece. Your desk can be a way to add your unique style to the room, from exquisitely carved sides to hand-made knobs on the drawers.

Colour is another specific feature that will ensure you implement a Hamptons style home office. If you're going for a Hamptons style office, stay away from dark, gloomy colours. Your office will benefit from natural light and airy, bright tones in line with the rest of a Hamptons home. Using white as your main colour and then breaking it up with soft hues like light green, light blue, greys and neutral tones are the way to succeed. There are various ways to incorporate the traditional Hamptons colour palette into your home office design, from a neutral rug to a pastel desk chair and coloured ceramic lamps.

What To Consider When Buying For Your Hamptons Style Home Office

Hamptons Style Desk

Start by evaluating the space that is available and your individual requirements in order to select the ideal Hamptons style desk. The same goes for the size of your space and any additional furnishings you might add. This aids in determining the ideal size, also consider specific storage alternatives for both your personal and professional requirements. You may store things away and avoid clutter by using desks with lots of drawers and storage options. This will not only maintain the Hamptons style home office aesthetic, but will also improve and reduce stress in the workplace.

Hamptons Style Chairs

Remember that comfort comes first, regardless of how lovely your dining chairs in the Hamptons style may appear to be. Hamptons office furniture made of cushioned fabrics are the most comfortable on the market. They have a wide variety of sorts and designs and provide you the choice to add colour to your home. It's crucial to purchase high quality Hamptons style home office chairs to ensure that they endure a lifetime.

Hamptons Style Lamps

Hampton table lamps are the ideal accent to any space because they are both fashionable and useful. You can easily change your home into a Hamptons haven by using pastel toned lamp bases and soft-coloured decorative shades. All of our lamp designs blend seamlessly with other Hamptons-inspired furnishings.

Shop our Hamptons style office furniture Australia wide, available at affordable prices, so you can get the look of a designer planned home quick and easy. You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set, or a whole collection of Hamptons office furniture for an easy and complete decorating solution. Combining space, creativity and sophistication these Hamptons pieces are essential additions to your home.


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