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Eye-catching designs in a petite package.

Side Tables

Hamptons Side Tables

The Hampton side table is much more than just an ornamental item of furniture for the living room or bedroom. A Hamptons side table is essential for bringing aesthetic appeal and practicality to your home. The popular option is a wooden side table with storage for the living area. However there are other more decorative pieces such as a rattan side table, oak side tables and other styles available to choose from. At Lavender Hill we have a vast selection of Hamptons side tables for both the living room and bedroom.

Side tables, often known as end tables, are compact but useful to fill that bare space, display your decor or hold your drinks and living room storage. When you don’t have enough room for a coffee table a Hamptons side table is perfect for providing the same practicality, aesthetics and functionality.

How To Style Our Hamptons Side Table

A Hampton Style Side Table is available in several materials and can offer different functions for your living room. For instance, our Oak Cross Leg Side Table is perfect for storage with a drawer underneath to hold living room storage. On the other hand, the Bamileke Side Tables are less functional and better for decorative purposes such as displaying your Hamptons Decor.

Hamptons style side tables can improve a room's appearance, personality, and adaptability whether they are positioned in the living room, bedroom, or corridor. A Hampton Side Table not only looks fantastic in the living area, but they also function well in the bedroom. In this way, it doubles as a bedroom table in addition to a Hamptons side table. In the same way, a Hamptons Console Table serves as both additional storage and decor. A little Hamptons side table with aesthetic, contemporary, and contrasting designs can complement the decor of any space.

Hamptons-style side tables have more than just practical uses. The ideal Hamptons side table blends design and function, and it should be given special attention in your room. Your décor can be greatly improved by placing a tiny circular side table close to the sofa or bed. When styling a Hamptons side table think about height, colour, shape and features. The overall look of your side table styling will depend on the style and shape of the table. Round side tables look great styled with simple objects that enhance the circular lines. Height, colour, shape, and features should all be considered while decorating a Hamptons side table. The style and shape of the side table will determine how it looks overall. Simple accents that highlight the circular lines of the side tables' design look excellent when they are used. For example a round lamp will balance out the straight lines of a square Hamptons side table. For a Round White Side Table use colourful arrangements such as flowers to create a cohesively styled space. Your Hamptons side tables don’t have to match, just create an arrangement with similar aesthetics to compliment each other and your existing furniture.

What To Consider Before Buying a Hamptons Style Side Table

To ensure your furniture lasts for several years choose a Hamptons style side table that will suit your home. Being the perfect rest for drinks and living room snacks it's important to consider what colours and styles to choose. White tends to show more stains and marks than natural wood pieces. Additionally, consider what styles will best suit your home. If you like minimalistic designs then choose something geometric without additional shelves or drawers. If you prefer luxurious accessories choose a black side table to contrast your colourful space. No matter what you choose, don’t be afraid to be bold and try something new. With Hamptons side tables there’s never a wrong answer, all designs can be mixed and matched to compliment any home layout.

At Lavender Hill our Hamptons Side Tables can easily give a personal touch to your home. Each design has been created with your needs in mind, creating eye-catching designs in petite packages. Our Hamptons side table collection includes everything from traditional square pieces to circular decorative pieces so you have endless styling options. You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set or whole collection!


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