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Navy blue  - a strong and bold colour that often evokes feelings of power and authority.  It is often used in coastal or nautical themes and contrasts well with whites and creams as well as neutrals.  Navy blue is a colour often used for furniture and decor in the Hamptons and Coastal style home. 


There’s sometimes a misconception that Hamptons design means that you only use neutrals like white and cream.  We disagree—there are lovely ways you can use this colour while staying true to the aesthetic of Hamptons design. 

Celebrating Navy as the colour of the month. 

Navy is a timeless colour that never wanes in popularity or appeal. It’s a bold colour, but at the same time, it’s traditional and sophisticated. It can work particularly well in Hamptons design because it feels nautical and stays in line with elements of the coastal lifestyle. 

Navy allows you to add a bit of drama to a space—as much or as little as you prefer. 

Cool colours like navy can add depth to small rooms.  It is often used in decor and furniture as a statement piece to add strong and alluring pops of colour.

Navy lamps

navy furniture

Navy decor

Navy is a distinctive colour that makes a bold statement and creates visual contrast, particularly hen used within the context of a more neutral overall palette, and it’s great for statement pieces. 

Using Navy with white creates a compelling coastal and nautical look often seen in the Hamptons homes.

Some of our favourite furniture and decor are available in navy, including many of our cushions, throw blankets, and rugs.

We also have decorative pieces and lamps that you can integrate into your home in small ways to make a big impact. 

Blossom Ginger Jar 17cm

We encourage you to shop our navy favourites as we celebrate this colour of the month at Lavender Hill Interiors

Click here for our navy linen furniture and decor pieces

Navy Linen Wingback Armchair

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