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Hamptons Cushions

Our collection of beautiful Hamptons cushions evokes a sense of enduring beauty and relaxation, whether you want to add a carefree vacation-inspired aesthetic or totally alter your entire house. In recent years, Australian home designs have become more and more popular in this distinctive style that aligns with Australia’s carefree, summer-loving culture. Light interior colours are used in this type of home design to create a casual appearance while preserving the Hamptons' signature sophistication.

How To Style Hamptons Cushions

Our Hamptons-style cushions strike the ideal blend between formal and informal living, celebrating white in all of its variations as well as beach-inspired colours. Our collection of Hamptons style cushions are for you if you long for a space that invites you to unwind and will make your home effortlessly stylish.

With our collection of hamptons style cushions, creating a laid-back coastal vibe is comparatively easy. Beiges, whites, and creams blend harmoniously with coastal navy, teal, duck egg, and grey blue tones, and accents of colour. The proper colour harmony makes a room appear airy and open while still preserving its stylish, understated sophistication. Layering blue hamptons cushions that are rich in texture and pattern like our Easthampton or Blue Floral Cushions can ensure that a design keeps visual interest even when strong colours aren't used. Layering with various fabrics like cotton, linen, knit, and velvet, balance the simplicity of a colour scheme that is primarily neutral and gives a space volume and depth. For a captivating visual experience, you can also use designs with geometric patterns, bold lines, and ocean-inspired motifs. Alternatively, soften your look with block colours and floral prints that tie a space together.

Align your Hamptons Cushions with your Hamptons Bedroom Furniture or your Armchairs to create a cohesive arrangement. Pull in textures from the furniture, pieces with soft linen and cotton make your space more relaxed and casual and when paired with your Hamptons Cushions your interior can be elevated. To really create a statement, mix and match your Cushions Hamptons Style. Experiment with patterns, florals and stripes are popular favourites and when combined with neutrals or solid colours complete your space and create the perfect balance.

What To Consider Before Buying Hamptons Cushions

Consider sizing before buying your cushions, our Hamptons cushions come in both small or large rectangular or square sizes so your options are endless! We know that a more relaxed and informal appearance is key to Hamptons decor, therefore mixing cushion sizes is crucial. Additionally, it's important to decide on your colour scheme, monochromatic arrangements can be sophisticated and enticing but also arrangements that are mixed and matched with bold colours could be just what you need for your Hamptons home.

If you have a desire to create a Hamptons Style Interior but don’t know where to begin, cushions can be the perfect way to spice things up! To give you the appearance of a designer-planned room at a reasonable budget, Lavender Hill offers traditionally stylish Hamptons style cushions and furniture that is sure to enhance your space! You can shop our Hamptons Cushions Australia wide, selecting styles, sizing, colours and designs you like. With Lavender Hill you can create the foundation and focal point of a cosy place to land at the end of the day whether you like stripes, patterns or chinsorie styles!


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