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Linen Valances

It's simple to add a touch of classic charm to your Hamptons home with Lavender Hill's vast selection of linen valances. A linen bed valance is a decorative and functional bedding accessory that adds a layer of elegance to a bedroom.

Typically crafted from linen fabric, a bed valance drapes gracefully from the edge of the mattress to the floor, concealing the space beneath the bed. This versatile piece of bedding can effortlessly complement a wide range of interior design styles, from rustic and cottage to modern and minimalistic, making it a popular choice for those who seek to add a touch of timeless beauty and practicality to their sleeping space.

How To Style a Linen Valance - Valance for Beds

Selecting a colour is the first step in  decorating a linen valance. Lavender Hill offers a range of colours in linen fabric, ranging from bright and rich blue hydrangeas to neutral tones like white, beige, and grey. Make the valance the centre of attention by choosing a colour that complements your current decor or that makes a striking contrast. One of the things that makes linen unique and popular in the Hamptons style is the way it looks naturally textured. Allow the valance to hang loosely in its somewhat wrinkled, relaxed state to embrace its texture. This can make the bedroom feel cosy and calm, alternatively, steaming the linen will help for a crisp and clean look!

The trick to styling a linen valance is layering. Layer your linen bed valance with other bedding components to add visual intrigue and depth. The valance can be layered with a quilt, duvet cover, or bedspread made of the same linen. This will create a harmonious look to your coastal-inspired bedroom. Our beautifully tailored 100% natural linen valance is finished with elegant pleats on the corners. Available in natural, duck egg blue, navy, Bloom, Blue Hydrangea & Spring Floral linen, they all coordinate perfectly with our Hamptons linen bedheads.

Choose Your Size - Linen Valance King & Linen Valance Queen

Take note of your bed's dimensions and placement in relation to the valance. A longer, wider valance can add grandeur to larger beds, while a more compact, fitted valance that keeps proportion is better for smaller beds. Lavender Hill offers linen bed valances for kings, queens and double beds! If you’re looking for more Hamptons style bedroom furniture, check out our full collection online. Alternatively have someone style your linen valance for you with our pre styled bedroom furniture packages!

What To Consider When Buying Linen Valances

When decorating a linen bed valance, take into account the design of your headboard and any other bedroom furniture by your bed. Selecting comparable materials, hues, or design components for the headboard, side tables, and other bedroom furniture will result in a unified appearance. We have a selection of Hamptons bedside tables if you’re looking for a cohesive style and design! When you buy a linen valance it's also important to consider how you will accessorise. Use Hamptons decor or pillows in similar styles that will enhance the colours or patterns of your valance. This can create an inviting and visually appealing display that will tie your bedroom together!

At Lavender Hill our Linen Valances are available at competitive prices, it is now easier than ever to decorate your house in this breezy, coastal style. Shop our range today to invest in a beautiful, timeless addition to your home. You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set, or a whole collection for an easy and complete decorating solution. Create a tailored Hamptons-inspired aesthetic!


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