Bar Stools

Pull up a stool in style in chic linen or classic cross back designs

Bar Stools

Hamptons Bar Stools

A Hamptons Bar Stool is the perfect way to complement the interior of your home while providing additional seating at your kitchen bench or bar. Lavender Hill’s Hamptons Bar Stools are fit for any kitchen or dining area that provide comfort and versatility to create the coastal kitchen of your dreams! Our bar stools come in both Oak or White Cross Back to compliment your existing decor. Pull up a stool in style with our chic linen or classic cross back designs.

By doubling as a seating area, Kitchen Bar Stools can help free up space in your living room for other pieces of furniture. Hamptons Kitchen Stools come in a range of forms and sizes, so you should be able to choose one that will look great in your living room or any other area in your house. These pieces are an excellent way to furnish your Hamptons-style home with the finest furnishings for an inexpensive price.

How to Style Hamptons Bar & Kitchen Stools

If you’re a fan of the Hamptons aesthetic and already have an existing Hamptons Dining Table or furniture then be sure to choose a similar texture, style and shape for your Hamptons Bar Stools to create a cohesive living arrangement. Whether you have an island bench that needs seating or a bar downstairs that is looking lonely, Lavender Hill has Hamptons Kitchen Stools or Bar Stools that will be the perfect addition to your Hamptons-style home.

Chairs that will be frequently used and an essential part of your home can cause a great amount of stress when styling. As a result, Lavender Hill has listed some key things to help you create your beautiful Hamptons home. In our collection, you can find industrial bar stools in a variety of colours and styles to suit any room decor. When styling your Hamptons Kitchen Stools you want to incorporate elegance and appeal but ensure that it matches your contemporary interior design without drawing too much attention. Using natural colours of brown, white and beige our Hamptons Bar Stools should accentuate your existing furniture and tie in decor without overdoing it. With so many designs to choose from, you're sure to discover one that suits your taste and style. The range includes something for everyone, from clean, minimalist designs to solid wood with firm and comfortable seating.

What To Consider Before buying Hamptons Style Bar Stools

A few elements must be considered when selecting Hamptons Kitchen Stools for your home. First, examine the height of Hamptons Style Kitchen Stools. It should be at a reasonable seating height so you may relax in style. This is particularly important if you have a unique styled island bench or bar that you want the stools to fit under. Make sure the size of the stool fits comfortably in the space you desire it, this will ensure they get used and fit seamlessly into your existing furniture. Colour is also an important consideration for bar stools, break up an all white kitchen with our Oak Cross Back Bar Stools or tie your kitchen tones together with our all White Cross Back Bar Stools

When selecting the most ideal Hamptons Bar Stools for your home, you should consider not only their beautiful appearance, but also their strength, durability, and dependability. Our collection is built from high-quality materials including natural wood, and luxury fabrics, so it will last for years. Additionally, the Hamptons Style Bar Stools available are not just stylish and eye-catching but also factor in the most important detail- comfort. The seats' unique design ensures comfort for extended gatherings and mealtime chats, not to mention a footrest that allows you to place your legs for comfort.

At Lavender Hill our Hamptons Bar Stools are created with taste and in accordance with industrial style principles that will offer a uniqueness to any room. You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set, or a whole collection for an easy and complete decorating solution. Host your guests in style with these classic and functional Hamptons pieces.


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