Illuminate your Hamptons home


Hamptons Style Lamps

Hamptons lamps are essential components in achieving the timeless elegance and coastal charm synonymous with Hamptons-style decor. Hamptons lamps are not just great decorative accents but are also functional in spaces like offices and bedrooms. At Lavender Hill our range of ceramic lamps are the perfect way to illuminate your Hamptons home.

How To Style A Hamptons Lamp

Styling a Hamptons lamp involves creating a balanced and cohesive look that captures the timeless elegance and coastal charm of the Hamptons decor. Begin by choosing a lamp base that complements your room's colour palette and style. Our ceramic lamps come in a range of colours and soft hues which work great in creating a statement piece. On the other hand our soft clear glass lamps work well in modern homes with minimalistic decor. Select a lampshade in a neutral colour, like white or beige, to maintain a simple and classic design. For symmetry and balance, consider using matching lamps in spaces like the bedroom. Layered lighting with ceiling fixtures or standing lamps can enhance the overall ambiance. At Lavender Hill we have a range of lamp bases and shades to choose from in decorative and simple colour designs. Whether you need the perfect final decorative element or are finding the perfect piece to begin your Hamptons interior journey. We have the perfect Hamptons Lamps.

Hamptons Style Bedside Lamps

Hamptons style bedside lamps are an essential component in tying your Hamptons Bedroom furniture together. These lamps are carefully selected to reflect the relaxed elegance and timeless charm that define the Hamptons aesthetic. Match your Hamptons lamp to our Hamptons Bedside Tables for a cohesive finish. Smaller lamps look great on smaller spaces whereas our larger lamps are great for places where they are required to be more functional such as on your Hamptons Desk.

What To Consider When Buying Hamptons Style Lamps

When selecting a Hamptons lamp to enhance your coastal-inspired decor, consider several essential factors. Begin by assessing the lamp's style and aesthetics, whether you prefer a ceramic lamp with decorative accents or clear glass design. Ensure that the lamp's colour palette harmonises with your room's overall scheme, favouring neutral tones such as white, beige, or soft pastels to maintain a neutral and calming ambiance. Pay attention to the lamp's base material and design, aligning it with your room's theme and your personal taste. Its also important to consider size in relation to the intended surface, and position the lamp strategically whether it's in the bedrooms or on your Hamptons Console Table in the living room. Don't hesitate to mix materials to add depth and interest, and select warm white or soft white bulbs for a welcoming atmosphere. At Lavender Hill we have Hamptons Lamps that serve for both aesthetic and functional purposes. View our entire collection to find the perfect piece for your Hamptons home. Lavender Hill offers classically chic Hamptons style furniture & homewares, to give you the look of a designer planned space at an affordable price!


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