Hamptons Style Decor

It's simple to add a touch of classic charm to your house with Lavender Hill's vast selection of Hamptons style decor. Our exquisite collection of ceramics, furniture, home decor, and wall art are a great way to add a touch of the Hamptons style decorating to your house. Pair with our Hamptons inspired furniture to create the perfect mix of luxury and cohesion.

The style of your Hamptons style decor sets the mood for the entire room. Each piece whether it be a ceramic vase, coffee table book or basket shows off your personal style, the options are endless. In order to make your living area a statement piece, we suggest keeping things simple. Be careful not to overwhelm your furniture with too much Hamptons style decor. Simply place one or two items there instead, such as a ceramic lamp or some decorative accents.


Hamptons Style Decorating - How To Style Hamptons Decor

Our Hamptons Coffee Tables are the perfect base for Hamptons style decor such as books, flowers, and ornamental items. Use trays or baskets to gather similar items, such as pottery and funky candles, to keep things organised and aesthetically pleasing. Try grouping candles of various shapes and hues on one plate and bowls or vases on another. Then add some flair by placing a vase filled with collected artefacts on top of a stack of books. The trick to modern Hamptons style decorating is to vary the height of your pieces and the way they are presented. For instance, start with our Rattan Tray layered with our range of books and tied together with our Faux White Hydrangea Bunch or Dynasty Ginger Jar.

Wall art is another type of Hamptons Style Decor that is an excellent way to infuse your house with a touch of Hamptons style, and Lavender Hill has a variety of stunning blues and nautical patterns that are guaranteed to have something for any home. Add a beautiful piece of wall art to go with a tabletop full of accessories. To create an appealing connection between the Hamptons style decor, hang the art 8 to 12 inches above the table. Use height and scale to guide the eye, overlapping some taller hamptons style decor such as vases or flower arrangements over the artwork will complete the illusion. This will make the tabletop accessories and the artwork look like one cohesive piece.


What To Consider About Incorporating Hampton Style Decor?

Shape and Size Diversity

Put a few well picked items on a side table in the living room to create a coherent and organised appeal. To provide aesthetic value, change up size and shape. Round paperweights, rectangular books, and a glass pitcher of flowers create a distinctive and put together arrangement that serves as the rooms focal point. Choosing Hamptons style decor is perfect to enhance your existing furniture, welcome guests in style with fresh flowers, a mirror and small intricate pieces on console tables or living room sideboards. Create harmony by arranging objects that are different sizes and forms in an asymmetrical way. A tall, heavy object is balanced by a number of smaller ones. Put the elements close together to give the arrangement more visual weight, and place shapes on top of one another to create layers. To bring disparate objects together, select pieces with similar colour palettes.

Use Contrast for Aesthetic Impact

Optimise Hamptons Style Decorating by placing pieces against backgrounds that contrast them. Blue and white Hamptons Decor contrasts beautifully with Oak Console or Coffee Tables. Alternatively, if you have a neutral living space use Hamptons style decor as accents that provide energy and radiance to your living space and existing arrangements.

To give you the appearance of a designer-planned room at a reasonable budget, Lavender Hill offers traditionally stylish Hamptons style decor and furniture that is sure to enhance your space!


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