Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

The contemporary Hamptons style bedroom combines elegance and refinement with all the charm of a small beach town or coastal paradise. The Hamptons design is the ideal balancing act of elegant and casual interiors with its unique colour scheme and furnishings that encourage you to relax and unwind. A bedroom decorated with Hamptons bedroom furniture is not only attractive but also highly useful. It makes it simple to design a Hamptons bedroom that is ideal for all of your own demands and preferences.

How To Style Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

The primary elements of a bedroom decorated in the Hamptons is the colour scheme and design styles. Using a lot of white, blue, grey, and beige should naturally convey tranquillity and peace. Relaxed furnishings made of wood, rattan, or cane are perfect for giving a home a natural vibe. It's also imperative to use natural textures, such as those found in rugs, linen and cotton fabrics. Each of these items warms and comforts a Hamptons style bedroom.

A Coastal Paradise with Hampton Bedroom Furniture

How serene and revitalising is a space bathed that's bright and open. Create a coastal paradise with white Hamptons style bedroom furniture such as our White Bedside Table. Combine it with soft accents such as our Linen Bedhead or Hamptons Blanket Boxes to create a wonderful focal point. For this style of bedroom you want to keep it minimalistic, clean and fresh. Continue to add numerous layers on the bed to make it the focal point of the space but keep it basic when using decor in different materials and designs. Natural textiles that breathe, such as soft cotton and linen are perfect to add in other furnishings such as Hamptons Armchairs.

Luxury Escape with Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

A luxurious statement style looks fantastic in a Hamptons home because the Hamptons style is all about a relaxed sense of grandeur. The right Hamptons bedroom furniture can make your bedroom exude luxury and elegance. Statement pieces such as upholstered bedheads such as the Natural Linen Studded Bedhead can tie your space together. It can be a sophisticated and lovely aesthetic when paired with bold yet elegant bedsides. A beaded chandelier and striking table lamps further contribute to the opulence of the space.

Colour in Your Hamptons Furniture

If you’d like a pop of colour but still want to create the Hamptons design, using blues such as navy and duck egg can be a great way to make your space visually appealing without overdoing it. Blue is usually an excellent colour to use when constructing a bedroom in the Hamptons style. There is a wide variety to pick from such as our Sea Mist Linen Bedhead to our Navy Buttoned Bedhead. It creates a lovely, opulent atmosphere when combined with neutral decor and floors.

What to Consider Before Buying Hamptons Style Bedroom Furniture

It's important to match your Hamptons Bedroom Furniture to the size of your bedroom. We have a variety of different sizes in our bedheads, bedside tables and chest of drawers to accommodate your space. You should also take the colours that exist and that you want to create into consideration to find a design that will complement your existing aesthetics.

If you have a desire to create a Hamptons Style Bedroom but don’t know where to begin. Lavender Hill has the option to buy pre-styled furniture packages. You can shop this Hamptons Bedroom Furniture Australia wide, selecting styles, sizing, colours and designs you like. We know that it can be tricky bringing your vision to life so packages have been designed to make any room look stunning and stylish and can be completely customisable.

Our Hamptons Bedroom Furniture is the perfect way to give your interior space life and presence. With Lavender Hill you can create the foundation and focal point of a cosy Hamptons Bedroom.

At Lavender Hill Interiors, we offer a range of Hamptons style bedroom furniture to help you create a room of understated elegance. Our collection includes a selection of bed ottomans, chairs, bedheads, and bedside tables. As part of our effort to take the hard work out of decorating your home, we specialise in classic, well made Hamptons style furniture designs which you can purchase as a collection already styled or buy pieces separately. Whether you’re looking to buy Hamptons sofas, we’ve made it simple, affordable, and hassle-free. 


All pieces in our hand-picked selection are designed to combine style and elegance with comfort and timeless appeal. From Hamptons style bedheads to charmingly simple bedside tables that complement a room’s existing décor – we have a number of gorgeous pieces that will take your bedroom to a new level of style.




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